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Hogwarts Legacy: Unlock the Best Spell Loadouts For Your Magical Journey

Throughout his magical trip, he will change his set of spells several times for various tasks and missions, either for a challenging puzzle or an exhausting battle. So, to help with this, we have compiled the best spell loads at Hogwarts Legacy to prepare for your dangerous trip.

Better balanced spell load

Image source: screenshot through Avalanche software Descending Expelliarmus Stop the impulse Fire As a witch or magician, it is an excellent idea to prepare for each situation, especially when it comes to battles. Therefore, you must equip different spells of the control, strength and damage categories to counteract the enemy defensive shields. For example, when an enemy has a purple or yellow and yellow orb, players can launch descent or arrest momentum to get rid of their protection. While arrest momentum gives you some extra time by slowing down the enemies, I descend can hit them brutally against the ground. In addition to that, the two spells are phenomenal together since the enemies in the air receive more significant damage with the force techniques. Together with these methods are the burning fires of fire and the ability to disarmed former name.

For short-range attacks, you can update Mastery Fire using talent points to unleash a flame ring, perfect for cases where several enemies surround it. Then, for long-range attacks, players can disassemble to the opposite side with former name, which inflicts even if the target does not have a weapon.

Better spell loading for the offensive

Image source: screenshot through Avalanche software Bombard ado Different Confringing Arvada Cedar Although certain witches or magicians have defensive shields, creatures and adversaries think do not use them for battle. That said, it is better to do everything possible with offensive spells such as bombardment and differ to inflict immense damage to enemies. Confringing is also useful, specifically when you update it to mastery, emitting a pyrotechnic effect to several nearby adversaries. But, of course, we cannot forget one of the most fatal unforgivable curses, Arvada Cedar, a spell that can instantly kill anyone who gets in your path.

Better spell load for dark arts

Image source: screenshot through Avalanche software Imperial Calcium Arvada Cedar Expelliarmus It is time to become the best bearer of the dark arts by equipping this set of spells with the three unforgivable curses of Hogwarts legacy. The enemies will shrink when you perform crucial, a harmful technique that can inflict pain for a prolonged period. Or, he can force an opponent to temporarily bind to his side becoming a puppeteer with an empire. However, if everything else fails, players can resort to Arvada Cedar to get rid of formidable enemies. Even if expelliarmus may not seem like a skill of dark arts, it can become one with the Disarming Cure spell through talent improvements, resulting in more damage to damn combatants.

The best spell load for puzzles and exploration

Image source: screenshot through Avalanche software Action Repair Confringing Devious Hogwarts Legacy presents a lot of riddles to solve and places to discover, so you will undoubtedly need to use some spells to help you during the missions. With this load, players can repair bridges or other structures with repair and levitate objects with Levies, two techniques that are essential for the challenges and tests of the guardian. You can also turn on torches with Confringing (you can also use it for enemies), which can sometimes open hidden doors. Last but not least, there is action, a spell that can attract objects, such as large boxes and doors of doors, towards you. In addition, you can even more improve this ability with Wingardium Levies, which allows you to control an object in the air.

The best spell load for beast tamers

Image source: screenshot through Avalanche software Momentum/Devious arrest Beast stroke brush Beast feeding NABISCO

Those who enjoy the animal aspect of Hogwarts Legacy can equip this equipment to build their own farm in the nurseries of the Men. First, players can equip Momentum or Levies arrest to slow creatures in nature when they use Nab-Sack to catch them. Then, you can nurture them with the brush to caress beasts and food for beasts to collect materials for your improvements and equipment features.

The best spell load for the Men.

Image source: screenshot through Avalanche software Spell Alternator spell Evans When you are not fighting trolls or doming beasts, you can sit in the cozy room of the needy and customize it to your liking.


This set of spells can help players with the decorations, where they can change the design of their base. Conjuration spell is an exceptional tool that can magically produce an article of your choice, including potions stations, enchanted looms and pots for pots. If you change your mind, you can select another option with altering Spell by customizing colors, positions and shapes. Alternatively, players can remove furniture with Evans, making them disappear from the Men. As there are no other skills for this secret Hogwarts room, you can select any spell you want for the fourth slot or select the beast tamer load when you enter the Vivarium. That is enough for our guide on the best spell loads in Hogwarts Legacy. To get more content, be sure to explore the relevant links below, including our guide on the best brooms. Related Posts How to get Hoodlum juice at Hogwarts Legacy How to complete crossed wands in Hogwarts Legacy Where to find Troopers at Hogwarts Legacy The best team and features at Hogwarts Legacy Goblin Camp Merlin Testing Tour at Hogwarts Legacy


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