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Choose the Right Broom for Your Hogwarts Heritage Adventure!

In Hogwarts Legacy, players can explore the magical world by studying new spells and fighting with different types of enemies. Flights are an important part of the study at Hogwarts, and you can even buy different brooms to fly around the world. Naturally, players need to know what broom to buy and improve in the game. That's all you need to know about the brooms in Hogwarts's Heritage.


How to get brooms in Hogwarts Legacy

To buy a broom in Hogwarts Legacy, players need to visit the sports needs of Spin twitches store in Hogs mid. Check the yellow circle on the map of the card above to see its exact location. Enter the store and talk with Alba Wix to buy a broom. Do not forget to unlock various chests and collect enough gallons before visiting the store. We recommend buying a broom of Amber Dash or a broom of Hogwarts as the first transport resource in the game. Having passed the flight course in Hogwarts, players will be able to fly on their own brooms. Five snowstorms available in Spin twitches Sporting Needs are listed below. Ember Dash Metal (600 Gallons): An ideal broom for owners of a hot-tempered temperament Mettle of Hogwarts (600 Gallons): a broom, enchanted in honor of your special pride in Hogwarts Lunar trimmer broom (600 Gallons): This broom, skillfully made of ash, is created for stability. Burning broom (600 galleons): a stylish broom with a slight touch-literally TITULAR METAL (600 Gallons): comfortable and fast broom with a unique woven design.

This is not all, players can also unlock certain brooms on the call tab. Check the course of the study on the Call tab to see the unlocked brooms in the air balloons Section. To unlock these brooms, players need to burst different balloons found around the world. Players will encounter these balloons during the task of Madame Koala, and the shutter of balloons on the map will help them to pass the test. Some stores also sell a few huts. For example, we purchased a heavenly braid for 5,000 Gallons from the Wanderer’s store to the Hogs mid station.

How to improve troops in Hogwarts Legacy

Bled troops in Hogwarts Legacy, and for this, players need to visit Spin twitches Sporting Needs. However, in order to get improvements, players must first perform several side quests with the participation of IMELDA Reyes. Alba Was tells the players that he needs more information to improve the broom, and it is then that they can participate in various races on a broomstick. Gather the information by participating in these courses, and return to Spin twitches Sporting Needs for updates. The first meter update will cost about 1000 galleons. To obtain additional information about the Hogwarts Heritage, read the section How to correct the error You can’t connect to the server in Warding World in games for professionals.


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