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Dwarf Fortress Steam: The Complete Guide To Making It Work

Dwarf Fortress is a very complex and confusing game, behind which decades of development before its release in Steam and ITCH. I. Thanks to this, thousands of players who have mastered the game learned several difficult lessons, playing it. Below we tried to give some new players the best tips and recommendations that we learned when playing the Bay 12 colony simulator.

Dwarf Fortress Tips and Hints

  • Dwarves will automatically collect the bodies and materials left by fallen or dead gnomes, as well as safely rush into danger in order to pick up the wounded. You can turn it off in work, the work of the menu under the regulations.


  • Affairs manager as well as the accountant two of the most important noblemen in the game. The accountant will allow you to find out the exact number of reserves of each item that you have, and the manager will allow you to place wholesale orders of items for manufacture. These are important nobles who need to be introduced as soon as possible.
  • One of the ways to get more bags as well as barrels at the beginning of the game should be started with as many products and seeds. Dwarves are not very effective and will bring one piece of the cow's scar in their own barrel to separate it from 40 other pieces of meat that you bring.
  • Pressing the WAS keys in any direction during production, smoothing of stone or other designations will lead to the movement of the cursor. Exactly 11 squares. This is really useful, and as a result of a warehouse or room 11 × 11 became a very common size in Dwarf Fortress. It is also the perfect size for nine workshops with a path of 1 × 1 between them. Or nine beds 3x3.
  • Cellular traps defeated. If you are worried about how to protect your fortress, traps-cells are an answer. Enemy armies, ancient animals, dragons, anyone, thoughtlessly fall into the cages of the traps. Only the most experienced and dangerous enemies can avoid them, which simplifies the protection of your fortress if you are smart.
  • Dwarves will take breaks in work, sometimes even if you have tasks for them, and spend time in communication. If you have not created a conference room or a dining room, they will be wandered around the van by default. However, if you disassemble the van without specifying the gnome will not take breaks. Useful for early shocks uphill!
  • Your outlet should be one of the first things that you build. Early transactions with representatives of dwarves, people and elves can be decisive for your fortress, and often you can take their entire inventory with the help of several dozen crafts or cutting gems.
  • Do you know the dwarves love fog? Standing at the foot of the waterfall will cause joyful thoughts in the dwarves and will cheer them up. If you can create an artificial waterfall next to the conference room, and even better use the natural, you can make your dwarves incredibly happy.
  • Each thing that you dig, create, build or grow, increase your fortress. Value. Sometimes this means that you will be attacked faster, you will attract more migrants than you can support, or otherwise you will be in danger. Sometimes it may be better to live in dirt, dirt and sand for some time until you are ready for more serious problems.
  • Every dwarf has things that he loves and hates, for example, certain animals, materials and objects. If you fill them with a residential environment of gnomes, they will become incredibly happy. For example, dwarf who loves dogs will be happy if he has a dog if he has dog statues, and in their environment there are engravings with dogs. And vice versa, if they hate dogs, the same things will make them more and more unhappy.
  • Unhappy with their mayor, baron or other nobles? At some point, the nobles will stop working or contributing to your fortress. At this moment, the time has come ahem arrange several accidents.
  • And finally, always remember Lost is fun! You can lose your fortress due to a stupid mistake, because of something completely unfair and outside your control. But think about your story and how fragile your fortress is. This is what makes this game so crushingly brilliant. To obtain complete guidelines and information on DWARF FORTRESS, follow updates in professional games and familiarize yourself with the section How to prevent freezing of water in DWARF FORTRESS?


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