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[Indie Language] 'Pagoda'

Classic. It is a literary or art work that is widely read and exemplary for many people for a long time. They become motifs or concepts themselves for a few centuries, and sometimes they are also used as a means of reinterpretation or reproduction. This is commonly used not only in literature and art but also in relatively short games.

The development team Indeed Shine, who attracts attention with a word of copyright, Now it's time to go back, is one of those who want to reproduce the classics. What is the team who says the first development work, I dedicate this game to everyone who is light, gorgeous and easy to get tired? Lee Jun-hyung, who is in charge of management and development, listened to the development team Indirect Shine and Game Harm.

Game Harm

Harm is a deck building log-like game with a classic Dark Fantasy background consisting of 4-bit color. The main point is to save a world in crisis from terrible devils, and in the process, you can see the progress of the classic game's intuitive and difficult difficulty. The title of Harm is a name from Armageddon or Armageddon, which means the last battlefield. This battlefield, which is covered in the game, is also chosen because it is the last battlefield.

The game starts with a dark situation where you lose your father and fight alone, and is a deep and heavy story that is ignored by a person who is to be kept. The player can feel the classic dark fantasy sensibility that maximizes more than 100 kinds of monsters consisting of limited colors and visuals through the game, and high difficulty stimulates the challenge desire. The worldview was influenced by dark fantasy games such as Diablo and Dark Soul, and the story development was motif for Nietzsche's philosophy. Every chapter begins with Nietzsche's sayings or oral, divided into three chapters.

The system called Deck Building has been referred to in card deck buildings such as Hearthstone and Magic The Gathering, and the elements of combat and logic are also referred to in Darkest Dungeon and Former King. 'Hit slot', which appears as the main random element of the game, is a concept similar to the dice of coin or TRPG. All cards have a hit rate, and they have strong damage as they have successfully throwing coins.

This difficulty and constant variables are not included. The player selects one of the card decks divided into containers/wisdom, and can start the game with all the cards included in the deck. Cards and randomly that are constantly exchanged in limited decks provide a combat experience that can always enjoy different fun, even if you challenge many times. In particular, it is suitable for gamers who enjoy digging into the characteristics and limited elements of each card.

Team Indirect Shine, one of the desire for the game

Team In Direct Shine, who developed Harm, has a total of six developers and artists, and one person in charge of design and sound. The first start was based on the game director and manager who met while studying in Japan.

The artist's recruitment was held after the game planning, where dot artist Kenya, who was in charge of Harm's core monster, some monster production, deck selection screen and card illustration, further maximizes the classic sensitivity. I was able to meet Loki with the sound creator and pianist Shinto that made BGM and sound effects.


Dot artist Gino ya, who participated in Final Fantasy 3 pixel remasters and Romance bus in Universe, was a half-hearted person in the first game of the game. But by chance, the timing was well-matched, allowing him to join the team, and his work was very helpful for smooth development and design. The same was true of the Sound Creator Loki Shin taro, who had participated in various games and animations, including the Sims 4. He has been able to develop the Dark Santa Pumping work for the first time, but since he understood the worldview through continuous exchange of opinions, he said he was able to develop without any difficulty in work.

In-Direct Shine is composed of freelancers and students who accidentally meet, but they know the advantages of individual passions and members, and cooperation seems to be natural. The manager said, I couldn't achieve my goal, but I would like to show that dot artists have a high need for monster illustration, and we want to show that there are so cool monsters. He said he will try even after the launch to complete the monster book 'system' system.

Light, gorgeous, easy-to-give game

Indirect Shine is also positively considering other platform porting. In fact, I was told that I had a conversation with the PlayStation official and that it could help if I released it on the PlayStation platform. In addition, considering that the Steam PC version of the company set the goal of achieving donations, I think that we can meet Harm in various places as well as mobile.

In the end of the interview, the manager said, I made a 'dark, profound, and weighty game' to make a favorite game, but I always doubted what others thought about this work, he said. I would like to think that those who are reading articles have such a game. The reason why I make a heavy and dark game different from the mainstream games is because I wanted to show that there are some games. If you look at the article or see the game and feel something, I hope you try it. If so, I will be able to be proud as a developer.

I hope that the question of their first works can be converted to conviction, and pride to gain the driving force for the next game development.


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