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Finally, the tactical RPG Tactics Ogreborn original version & PSP version is thoroughly compared! [Special]

Square Enix will release a tactical RPG Tactics Dearborn for PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam) on November 11, 2022 (PC version is November 12).

Tactical RPG's monument Tactics Yoga that is still handed down. Tactics Ogre Born is based on its reconstructed work, Tactics Olga Fate Ring, is a work that improves graphics and sounds, and improves game design in line with the present era.

In this article, we will compare the Tactics Bourbon, which is finally approaching, and the original version of Tactics Yoga and Tactics Yoga Fate Ring.

The original version of the image uses the Super Nintendo version released in 1995. In addition, please note that the Tactics Olga Fate Ring of PlayStation Portable is a little small due to resolution.

Review the history of Tactics Yoga!

Tactics Yoga was developed by the former game company quest and released for Super Nintendo in 1995. It has been produced as one of the same Olga Battle Saga series as the simulation game Legendary Olga Battle released by the company in 1993.

Valeria Island, the stage of this work, is an area where various ethnic conflicts are constant. On an island that once again ended the war by the great king, on an island that was nervous again after the king's death, the main character, Denim, was great with her sister's Cats and his friend Weiss. It is caught in the vortex of fate.

The profound story of each ethnic group and the speculation and conspiracy of each ethnic group will create many attractive characters, and the fate will change dramatically with the choice of players. In addition, the strategy due to a system that changes the order of action changes depending on the battle and characters with a height difference are evaluated, and it is still a work with many fans.

Tactics Olga, which was released for Super Nintendo in 1995, was transplanted to PlayStation and Sega Saturn. The Sega Saturn version is used by many major characters and has a different charm from the original version. In the latest work Tactics Bourbon, the cut scene has been fully voiced.

In 2010, for PlayStation Portable, the Tactics Ogre Fate of Fate, which reconstructed the original version. In addition to the addition of the scenario by the original staff, the training, changing and adjusting the battle system, and the addition of a new function C.H.A.R.I.O. T. to rewind the battlefield time.

In 2001, the Simulation RPG for Game Boy Advance Tactics Open Outside was released.

Thorough comparison of scenes such as battle and events!

From now on, we will compare the long-awaited latest work, Tactics Bourbon, the original version of Tactics Olga and Tactics Ogre Fate of Fate with images.

The comparison source Tactics Bourbon is a choice from the official website and the Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam) version of the store page. The image is the order of Tactics Bourbon → Tactics Logon (Super Nintendo version) → Tactics Olga Fate Ring.

■ Character Create

Tactics Bourbon uses elements (attributes), so you can choose a god to be blessed. You also need to answer questions using tarot cards.

In the original version of Tactics Yoga, we will choose the one dedicated to the four elements. After that, the denim element is determined by which god you choose.

In Tactics Yoga Fate of Fate, questions using tarot cards are first adopted.

■ The opening conversation scene

■ Options

The lines are slightly different.

■ Map screen

■ Unit organization screen

In Tactics Ogre Born, the elements for each character are revived as an element, so it is displayed in an easy-to-understand manner.

■ Character detail screen


The UI is very different in Tactics Ogre Born. In addition, the character HP is quite large from the beginning.

■ Combat participation unit selection screen

■ victory conditions

■ Battle map

Tactics Ogre born is nice that the map looks wide.

■ After the battle ends

After the end of the battle, the content is very different for all three works. In Tactics Yoga, the pick-up items are picked up, and the MVP is selected. In Tactics Yoga Fate of Fate, experience points are allocated for each class of the unit after the battle.

Tactics Bourbon has changed to a method that allows the unit to enter the battle individually.

■ Event screen (cutup)

■ Event screen (Weiss 1)

■ Event screen (Weiss 2)

Ravines, who appeared in Tactics Yoga Fate of Fate, is still alive.

■ Event screen (denim & Lancelot)

■ Choice of fate

In the original version, the ending CSU! Is quite impressive. Now, how is your choice?

Tactics Bourbon will be released on November 11, 2022, for PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam) (PC version is November 12). We are currently accepting reservations.


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