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What was Kiryu Kazuma doing at that time?

On September 14, the night before TGS2022, a new presentation of the Dragon You studio was held at the Tokyo International Forum.

This time, three works were released at the same time, and a talk party for performing actors was held, so not only the game media but also the commercial broadcasting stations, the reporters and photographers of the major performing arts media and photographers came to the venue. The Dragon Like series now has strong fans around the world, but what kind of directions will be announced at this presentation, and in Rough Like 7 Light and Darkness Where appeared. The mystery of Karma Kirk, who did not do, was released one after another.

Shin! Full remake work

Kay, November 15, 3rd, Omeyaguchi Shinkisuke House, Kyoto.

Outside the house, men in the famous Shinsengumi Maori are standing with tension and determination. He pulled the sword from the sheath of the waist and attacked Oriya. The aim is Roma Nakamoto's life!

Roma Nakamoto, the hero at the end of the Tokugawa period, is empty with Smith & Wesson's revolver pistol, and turns into a red dew of his sword. The Oriya Incident is said to be the largest mystery in Japanese history. There are still various theories about the true culprit, but Roma Nakamoto himself cut this Roma Nakamoto...! ?

The shocking and mystery was released along with the trailer whose mystery calls a mystery, but the Riga Restoration released on February 22, 2023! Very. 2014 dragon is like Restoration! In the full remake of], the new cast, Wiki Takashi (the role of Banana Takeda), Hiroshi Ottawa (the role of Potato Ito), and Video Navajo (as Hanna Takashi) have been on the stage. 。

Well, even so... oh, oh!

No, of course, I knew in advance that these three people would come to the talk party, but if you see them again, this is a bit of a level, and if you deliver an article, it will be a problem.

It should be a talk party with Masayoshi Yokohama, who is the leader of the project representative and production, but at the pace of Mr. Takashi in a short time. Apparently, the doctor told me, I will die early. Shin! The difference is obvious at a glance compared to the CG of Takeda Kannayaisai in Pole!

Kirk and Cayuga Double protagonist system

As mentioned above, the latest work Dragon Like, which was unveiled at this presentation, has three titles.

Shin! Following the Pole, everyone was waiting for you to Dragon Like 8 and Men's BYU Garden 7 Garden.


In BYU Gaza 7, the protagonist was the best Cayuga, not Karma Kirk. In 8, Kirk and Cayuga's double protagonist say Dramatic RPG. Takata Aurora, the role of Kirk, and Kazuhiro Pakistani, the role of Cayuga, were on the presentation.

I can't talk about this title yet, but it's ridiculous anyway! It's amazing! (Mr. Pakistani)

8, which is scheduled to be released in 2024, is full of mysteries just by looking at the two-shot of Kirk and Cayuga. Why is Kirk's hairstyle changed dramatically? It is, of course, top secrets at the moment. It seems that the mysterious completely elucidation is to wait for the next year.

And the mystery of the previous work 7, What was Kirk doing at that time? The answer to this will be embodied in the form of a man who erased the name. This is an action adventure format, and Kirk erases his name as the title suggests and is given code names instead. What kind of enemy to fight with, of course, is still a private matter. Release is 2023.

The Dragon Like series has been produced for almost 20 years, but every time I do it with the feeling that this is the last. I don't know that there is next. I was really happy to have appeared as a double hero in (Aurora)

I think the information of 8 will still come out from time to time, and the content is also a tremendous scale. Above all, if you can call Kirk Kiryu-san, this is for fans. I think you can understand. I would like to tell you this excitement to everyone in the main game. (Mr. Pakistani).

A hot line of view from overseas!

The Dragon Like Series is now a work with many fans around the world.

There is an anecdote that the direction of targeting only adult men in Japan at the beginning of the first work plan was that there were many negative opinions in Sega, but in the modern era, Big title symbolizing Japan symbolizes. Is growing. Game media officials from overseas participated in the presentation, and applause was broken for each new title announcement.

The day to hold a new work presentation for all the world series fans has finally come (Mr. Yokohama).

At the beginning of the presentation, the bright expression of Mr. Yokohama, who said so, tells everything. Confidence and expectations for the new work, and conviction. It seems that Yokohama's silent shout, The three new works give a new breath to the series.

Finally, I will introduce one photo I took.

The photo above shows the scene where Takashi, Ottawa and Navajo are in the boxing of entertainment media. I interpret that each of the three land personality appears in this one.

In addition, Shin! For Pole, a trial was held at the Tokyo Game Show. A report on this trial will also be distributed. Stay tuned!


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