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Assassin’s Creed Full Roadmap - New Games, Infinity Hub, DLC, Explanations

September 10, 2022, during the presentation of Ubisoft Forward Assassin’s Creed, completed the event and made several sensations. The Assassin’s Creed showcase outlined plans for the future of the series that cover the next few years. This is what was opened in this roadmap.

What awaits Assassin’s Creed next?


At the end of 2022, players will join Favor in the last part of DLC for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla under the corresponding name. Final chapter. A trailer was shown, but it was a series of fast personnel collected together. Most likely, we will receive more explanations, including the release date, next month or so.


Somewhere in 2023, Assassin’s Creed will return to its roots with the release of credo of the mirage killer . It will be in the same spirit as Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla, but will pay more attention to the assassins and their struggle with the Templar's in the golden age of Baghdad. It is assumed that more attention will be paid to secrecy, Parker and near battle.



A number of games for the future Assassin’s Creed franchise were announced, which Ubisoft calls the third period. The second period is Origins, Odyssey, Valhalla and Mirage, while the first period covers everything that was before it. Thus, most likely, two or three years will pass before we see these games.

The first of which code name Assassin’s Creed Red . This will happen during feudal Japan and promises to be a complete Shinobi imagination. This, of course, is one of the most popular settings for the franchise, and it should like the fans of the Tench series.

The code name Assassin’s Creed Here little details, but in an interview with Mar-Aleksis Vote, it turned out that the name will differ from aspects of role-playing game, which delved into Assassin’s Creed. The series moves further and further into the territory of the supernatural, so it is quite possible that we will get a full-fledged horror in the series. We are especially delighted with this.

The code name Assassin’s Creed Jade is an ambitious game designed exclusively for mobile devices. This will be the first game in a series in which players will be able to create their own character, and the action of which will take place in ancient China. In addition, little is known.

Credo of the killer of Invictus will be a separate multiplayer game. To do this, Ubisoft attracts talents from both the teams of For Honor and the Rainbow Six precipitate commands. Again, the cat did not crack at the seams from the information this time. But it is likely that he will largely rely on knowledge of animus as a parallel for modern players gaining access to such a name.

Finally, nonflick works with Ubisoft to create three mobile games, one of which, according to rumors, is associated with the upcoming series of Assassin’s Creed games. They say that it differs from games with the open world and returns the series to its roots, such as Mirage.

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