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Im Examination: BMW 218d Active Tourer

the information of the BMW 218d Active Tourer.

Pollutant typical Euro 6d.

The diesel is simply one of numerous drive variations, besides a totally battery-electric variation, BMW has actually not left anything. In enhancement to the 218d, there is the more powerful 223d XDrive (with all-wheel drive), as well as 4 petroleum engines and two plug-in hybrids. Just the diesel stays without electrical support.

allowable overall weight 2085 kg.

At the exact same time, the Active Tourer supplies support for practically all imaginable aid systems, occasionally against added repayment. The adaptive contamination, which immediately takes control of the defined speed restriction, functions as dependably as the range control with stop-and-go function, which develops to 210 km/h.

cyndrical tube 4.

full throttle 220 km/h.

Skill hidden: the exhaust end pipes were integrated right into the back apron. Supplier

The head-up display is only the simple service with a plexiglass pane. We discovered the mobile phone shelf wonderful, the mobile phone takes a seat for the inductive shop and is dealt with by a clip in the driver's field of vision. Cosmetically really satisfactory, the middle console with start switch, automated shifter, volume control and also straight switches for the driving modes. A valuable storage space location remains complimentary under the control island. And as an actual pleasure, we discovered it to make up the extremely thick M leather guiding wheel.

_ Ulla Ellmer _.

As he looks: vans are really out. The word with the three letters, of training course, was not allowed to wear down the model name, so that what is really a minivan is a lot extra elegant Active Tourer.

What drives him: A two-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel with usual rail straight shot as well as 110 kW/150 hp. As requirement, a 7-speed dual clutch transmission transfers the electric motor forces to the front wheels.

Luggage compartment 470 to 1455 l.

Width 1.82 m without, 2.10 with exterior mirrors.

Boat 1400 kg (braked), 750 kg (unattended).

Seats 5.

The 218d can be acoustic abnormalities, which likewise reduces the stress degree on the lengthy distance. And the elegantly switching over double clutch transmission in our examination vehicle that Sporting activity variation of the 7 g-steptronic-inheritis is as a reaction-fast flash.

Since February the 2 Series Active Tourer has remained in the second generation at the dealership, because the principle is simple to market. Only the longer and also seven-seater Grandma Tourer has not obtained a future. The common dimension has actually continued to be, still fairly high, virtually 4.40 meters long and also as stylish, as the minivan characteristics just offered it, with narrow, typical full LED fronts lights, a rather large BMW kidney And also exhaust end pipelines that hide discreetly in the rear apron.

What he provides: BMW is not always recognized to tip a cornucopia as basic tools information in its lorries. In this regard, one can be amazed at what the Active Tourer currently gets from the factory: full-LED headlight, as an example, the rounded display with navigation system, additionally wireless smart device connection, two-zone automated environment, rain sensor, the electrically opening up/ Closing tailgate and also the park assistant plus turning around video camera discussed. Certainly, this does not indicate that the catalog does not have a whole lot of expensive lures.

carbon dioxide discharge 138-125 g/km.

velocity 0-100 km/h 8.8 sec.

What we mean: The 2 Series Active Tourer is probably not the huge photo provider for BMW. But: it is practical, roomy, enjoyable to drive and as a diesel on top of that financially. Good that it still exists.

BMW implied also well with the content of the tool device behind the guiding wheel, there are many, the information flooding is over cast. The extremely practical revolving press controller, with which the primary screen can be operated earlier as well as still in various other BMW models, had to move out of the new Active Tourer. The voice control ( Hey, BMW) works mostly well, the ladies's voice not just speaks up with consumption or reach, however even has a joke prepared: What does an origami educator state concerning his student?

What it costs: from 39,800 euros. Our test auto, consisting of M-Sport package (3600 euros), concerned 55,250 euros.

Length 4.39 m.

Fuel container 45 l.

How much room he has: The 2 Series Active Tourer is a very useful auto. By default, the luggage area with underfloor area takes up 470 litres, however can still be broadened insofar as the back seat can be relocated by 13 centimeters lengthways (choice) and the backrests need to likewise be grorned right into freight position.

Makes something: Interior with Curved Present and, as it were, free-floating center console. Maker

What he takes in: Oh, a diesel! The screen shows over 1000 kilometers of range when we take over our test vehicle, as well as the container with 45 liters is not even oversized. Getting to values around 4.5 l/100 kilometres is not a task, typically we kept in mind 5.1 l/100 kilometres.

Cost from 39,800 euros.

height 1.58 m.

The park aide does a no less great job, who takes control of the automobile management totally when car park and auto parking and, when handling, is so near obstacles as the concerned vehicle driver would possibly not risk it. The memory of the reversing aide, in turn, conserves slow forward maneuvers as much as 36 km/h in order to later on control the vehicle in the exact same means out of problem slim rooms. This makes life simpler in particular situations. Along with the reversing video camera, both systems are set up as standard.

Exactly how he drives: Unproblematic, easy to regulate as well as handy, many thanks to the accurate guiding responses to control it exactly. The limited basic quality of the flexible M-chassis (component of the M-Sportpake) indicates that the Active Tourer reveals really miniva-typical, sporty web pages, which on the various other hand is a little bit at the cost of driving comfort.

And the diesel? Its 110 kW/150 hp are entirely sufficient; Also due to the fact that the torque of 360 Newton meters is already readily available at 1,500 excursions, the 218d speeds up rather highly, it is just a bit harder at the speed of the highway direction. From 0 to 100 km/h it goes in 8.8 seconds, a maximum of 220 km/h is gotten to.

As he looks: vans are actually out. Just how much room he has: The 2 Series Active Tourer is an extremely practical cars and truck. What he takes in: Oh, a diesel! What he offers: BMW is not necessarily known to tip a cornucopia as typical tools details in its vehicles. What we suggest: The 2 Series Active Tourer is possibly not the huge photo carrier for BMW.

Norm intake WLTP 5.3-4.8 l d/100 km.

What a kidney: The BMW hallmark has also grown on the 2 Series Active Tourer. Maker

displacement 1995 ccm.

Max. Torque 360 Nm at 1500-2500/ minutes.

Drive Diesel, front-wheel drive, 7 g double-clutch transmission.

empty weight 1545-1620 kg.

Power 110 kW/150 hp at 3750-4000/ min.

2015 Examination consumption 5.1 l D/100 kilometres.

Exactly how it is established up: ventilated and also light, of persuading costs ambience, which does not enable any type of weaknesses in terms of refining top quality and choice of materials. We in vain for wardrobe difficult plastic. Chauffeur display screen and also infomercial touchscreen (knifelike: imaging) ally right into the slightly bent curved screen, which kindly counts on the driver or the motorist.


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