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Aperophobia Level 11 and 12 Passage

Apherophobia is one of the most popular adventure horror games on the Roblox platform. In the latest patch update to the name, the developer Polaroid Studios added two new levels to the basic game: level 11 and level 12. Like the previous levels in the game, you need to spend a lot of time studying and solving various puzzles to complete the levels. If you cannot afford to spend your precious time studying or stuck in a certain sequence for recently released levels, read our detailed leadership in levels below.


Level 11-Apherophobia Passage

As soon as the level begins, start moving to the right, and you will find a reception table in front of you. Turn right from the registration rack and go right along the corridor until you find the first room on the left side of the corridor. Inside the room you will find four objects of different colors. Write down the color pattern in the order of their appearance. For example, you can find orange and white objects on the first table and purple and green on the second. Thus, the color scheme should be either orange-white-violet-green, or orange-white-green-purple.

Return to the registration stance, and you can find a small room with a code lock behind it, at the opposite end of the same corridor. Enter the color code and take the scrap inside the room. Use scrap to break a room adjacent to the room in which you got scrap. Get access to the laptop in the room and confirm the request. Return to the original Renaissance.

You can find the line-line on the left side of the Renaissance, which slowly opens. Go through the star-the-door, and you will find a large warehouse. Follow wooden boards until you get to the opposite side of the warehouse. It is very important to monitor brown planks. Otherwise, it is quite easy to get lost in the dark atmosphere of the warehouse. Having reached the other side, you must find two keys and open two front-line doors. You can find the first key following the right boards of the region and find the first rate in the central part of these vertical boards. Inside the first door with shutters you can find a second key. Use the key to open the door to return to the warehouse. Follow the same wooden boards until you see the door with a red button to go out and go through the level.

Level 12-Apherophobia Passage

Level 12 rotates around the collection of three color paintings in the area full of rooms in the labyrinth structure, and their placement on the image of the image in the place of your revival. So, in order to reduce the search time, two paintings can be found in the area through the front door in front of the fillers of the paintings, and the remaining one of the inputs series through the front door adjacent to the filler to the right side.

All paintings will be on the wall, and not one will be on the ground or on any table. So, if you enter the room, carefully check the walls, even your blind side. There are many rooms in each area, and you cannot get to the paintings without studying the area.

To find out more about Apeerophobia in Roblox, read the passage by Apeicophobia in Roblox-how to pass the levels of 0-10 or the level of level 7 of the Apherophobia in Roblox-how to solve in professional game guidelines.


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