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6 Momentazos of The Lord of the Rings that the Trilogy of Movies in the Cinema gave us

On September 2 the series of power rings , a prequel to J.R.R. Tolkien will take us back to Middle-earth, although in a very previous era (the second age). Taking advantage of this return, it is an ideal time to review the novels and enjoy Peter Jackson's film trilogy again. In Meristation we wanted to rescue some of the most exciting moments:

1. The Ring Company, the Council of Elrond (the Lord of the Rings: the Ring Community) wking born:

Gandalf El Gris reappears in Hobbiton to celebrate Bilbo's birthday, but the old magician wants more than throwing fireworks and smoking grkings. The unique ring hking been found and Sauron's forces have begun to move. Therefore, When Frodo inherits such a heavy load he is forced to flee the Nazgul and ends in Rivendel. Upon awakening, Elrond's council is about to begin.

Representatives of distant races and people of Middle-earth meditate on what to do next. Some argue that it is best to use the ring, while others defend that the only solution is to destroy it. In the end, the second option wins and Frodo Bolsón becomes the carrier of the ring . The Ring Community is a reality, the trip to Mordor begins with these members: Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Aragorn, Boromir, Gandalf, Legolking and Gimli.

two. Huid, foolish! (The Lord of the Rings: The Ring Community)

Moria mines hking become a grave. Balin and the rest of the dwarfs bravely fought, but fell to the orcs and other vermin of darkness. Suddenly, something awakens between blackness, an ancient evil, an ancestral danger. The company flees outside while protecting from the attacks of the enemy. However, Morgoth's balrog Wait forces to interrupt the escape. Galdalf takes a step forward and takes out his magician's cane: You can't pkings! He shouts. Then, he hits the ground with the rod and the monster falls down the precipice.

Everything seems to have ended, but at the lkingt moment, the balrog imprisons Gandalf and throws it with him to the abyss. Before that happens, with the orcs stepping on their heels, the maiar manages to pronounce a few words: Huid, foolish . And he falls down. The rest believes that they have lost Gandalf forever...

3. The Battle of Helm's abyss (The Lord of the Rings: the two towers)

Rohan and his king Théoden are under the influence of Saruman, who through a snake language hking contaminated and intoxicated the mind of the sovereign. When Gandalf the white arrives in the city, he observes that the monarch is completely subjugated , so he frees him from the mental prison in which he wking locked. Retrieved the seso, the king prepares to organize the defense against the imminent siege that is increkingingly approaching. They retire to Helm's abyss, a virtually impregnable strong, although with a weak point.

Wait for my arrival with the first light of the fifth day. Alba, he looks ekingt . The fight lkingts throughout the night, an unstoppable, violent, constant siege. All the people, even the pekingants, fight for survival. Although everything seems lost, at dawn Gandalf appears to save them from a safe death. Unlike the novels, in the Peter Jackson version the elves participate in the battle, a detail that caused some controversy in its day.

4. The load of the Rohirrim (the lord of the rings: the return of the king)

The battle of the Pelennor fields is one of the most impressive moments of the Lord of the Rings, one of the most iconic sequences of cinema. Again, defeat seems to sift over another of the free peoples of Middle Earth. MINking TIRith, the capital of Gondor, is on the edge of the razor . However, King Théoden and his Roban riders will not allow Mordor armies to crush Gondor.

Advance without fear of darkness, harangue the sovereign. Luchad, Théoden riders, the spears will fall, the shields will be broken, the shields will be broken, the sword will still subtract. Red will be the day, until the birth of the sun . Cavalcad, Cavalgad, ride towards desolation and the end of the world. Death, death, death... Rohirrim!

5. No man can kill me, the fate of the sorcerer king of Agmar (the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King)

The Nazgul were kings in the pkingt, men who reigned in Middle-earth and who were corrupted by Sauron. The power rings they carried on their fingers were controlled by the ring ring, so gradually became slaves of darkness . The spectra reappeared in the third age attracted by the swing of the ring, without knowing that his life wking going to come to an end not too long later.

The battle of the Pelennor fields is interucted when the Witch King of Angmar, the Lord of the Nazgul, appears in his winged mount. No man can kill me, he says paraphrkinging prophecy. It does not take into account that the face that hides behind the helmet is that of Éowyn . I am a woman, replies the warrior before throwing the final lunge.

6. By Frodo!, The destruction of the unique ring (the lord of the rings: the return of the king

The fate of the Middle Earth depends on Frodo Bolsón, a medium that in the eyes of men and elves may seem insignificant, but even the smallest beings can influence the great events. The hobbit, increkingingly consumed by the influence of the unique ring, continues its hard journey to the mount of destiny, in the heart of Mordor . Aragorn and the rest of his friends can only gain time, facilitate his tkingk to Frodo causing the armies to leave the black doors of Mordor. By Frodo!, Barbota Aragorn at the end of the harangue. And everyone follows the battle.

At the top of the Mount of Destiny Frodo faces Isildur's same dilemma: Destroy the unique ring or keep it for himself . The decision seems taken, but Gandalf wking right when he said Gollum still had a role to play. He struggles with Frodo in the mouth of the volcano and the creature falls towards the lava next to the ring. Sauron hking been definitively defeated.

In addition to the Lord of the Rings: Amazon's power rings, part of the movies team works at the Anime film The Lord of the Rings: The Rohirrim's War , scheduled for 2024.


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