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You have ten keys left over your keyboard, but you haven't noticed yet

Luckily I work from home and that when I answer emails you cannot see my face, because otherwise everyone could have realized how it disfigured when they told me that I had to try a keyboard without a numerical section. Tenkeyless is an idea of marketing of those that will not convince everyone and I was the most absolute denial of eliminating the mathematical space. However, the work is work and the prejudices had to be set aside to test this version of the Razer Huntsman V2 .

Not every day you have the opportunity to give a premium product and less than a brand in full reconstruction process. Historically, Razer has been associated with LED luces and switches with playful noises. However, something is changing in the American company, which not only competes for making the most cool and resultons products, also for some high quality standards ** that justify practical use and will not necessarily fill our colored room.

The betrayal of muscle memory

My first contact with the Razer Huntsman V2 Tenkeyless was not the most appropriate. As soon as the delivery man came I decided to connect it. I still had a workplace ahead, I soon realized that this peripheral and I were going to have a problem. The reduced size and the absence of num pad made me click several times on the desk waiting to be able to hit the enter of a numerical keyboard that did not exist. I also gave me problems some articles that required mathematics or writing a lot of numbers. Fortunately they are a minority, but one of my debuts with this keyboard collected numerical curiosities about the next League of Legends champion.

It is a strange adaptation process. Although these keyboards are called tenkeyless in reference to having ten less keys, the truth is that a few more have been stolen and, during the first days, we will try to press them on many occasions. It is an automatic task that we carry out by pulling pure muscle memory. Just as when we have been playing the console for some time, we do not need to be constantly thinking where the buttons are. Our brain-and our hands-know exactly what the necessary movement is at every moment.

Muscle memory is treacherous and it is not easy to abandon a habit that we have maintained for years. If you still don't know the Tenkeyless keyboards as this model of Razer Huttaman V2 you will suffer a little. However, I can tell you a conclusion before the peripheral enraged in a I do not buy it of manual. As soon as a couple of days have passed or if you do not work in front of the computer, you are going to realize that have always left over a few keys .


in terms of keyboards, less is more

You may agree-and may not-with the idea that a good computer is, with much difference, the best platform to play video games. However, the obvious is that the PC public has changed over time. There are more and more people who use this system just to have fun and, when we think about it, It is quite ridiculous that we use the same keyboard for this in a fruit shop or accounting office . Now we will deepen this, but we are simply not choosing the most efficient peripheral for what we want to do.

It is something that has been solved over time in terms of functionality. A wide variety of Razer's keyboards in addition to this Hunstman V2 have Optical Switchs that offer a response rate of 0.2 milliseconds and different configurations so that we can press them with a minimum force or double injection keys. However, in this process we have forgotten a basic that a basic that does not require tip technology or forces companies to hire a research and development department: Ergonomics .

If we are able to maintain the functionalities of a keyboard and good dimensions that make it comfortable for the most common tasks, the more we are able to reduce its size, the better. Even more if we take into account that 99% of the time we are using it only make use of the central core that includes the keys, the upper numerical row and the basic writing symbols. To these functions we must add not so common, but essential. Keys such as F5, F4, printing screen or steering arrows can make us an APAÑO that we don't want to give up.

However, having duplicate functions just in case it is not the best of ideas. As soon as we renounce them thanks to the tenkeyless we realize that we can move the keyboard, turn it in a more comfortable position to play or that the movement that we repeat a hundred times a day of passing the right hand of the peripheral Mouse writing is much more agile. It seems nonsense, but at the end of the day we can repeat that gesture a few hundred times and that everything is more compact is a true blessing.

Was the Razer Hustaman V2 tenkeyless worth?

After almost two weeks of extensive use both to play (especially shooters) and to work, I am clear about my verdict. I would only change the keyboard that Razer has kindly provided to make this criticism for a personalized 1. It is true that the price is high, although not disproportionate if we take into account its benefits. However, just half a year ago I had bought my last keyboard **, having disbursed 150 euros for him. He has been taking dust the last two weeks and I fear that it will be until the end of time.

Photo: Digitaltrends


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