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Diablo Immortal: The best summary of the dead

In this deadly summoner for Diablo Immortal you can find out:

  • What the distribution of your attributes should look like
  • The skills you use for the build
  • Which legendarys you need

Do you already have a good build and want to get started in the shadow war now? Then look at shade and immortal in Diablo Immortal in our guide.

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For which activities is the deadly summoner building suitable?

You can use this build during and when visiting dungeons and raids-in general it is designed for PVE . You split a lot of damage and have servants who can also refuel a lot of damage. However, you should choose another build for the PvP because your control skills leave something to be desired.

Which attributes are important?

We focus mainly on intelligence and persistence for our deadly summoner building. Intelligence is your main attribute , so you should place the greatest value on it. In addition, increase your vitality and thus your maximum health, because especially if you are solo on the go, you don't want to be sent onto the mat after two strokes. Strength does not bring your dead summoner to a bonus, so there is no equipment with this stat.

  1. Intelligence
  2. perseverance
  3. Vitality
  4. willpower

skills for the deadly summoner building

Important : The damage to the skills scales with your character strength-the basic damage is given in the table. All values are taken from the database.

Ability Effect
Soul fire Throws a soul fireball that explodes when he meets an opponent, the goal of harm 897 and inflicts 25% of it near opponents.

Ultimate: Improves soul fire for 12 seconds and releases several large bone spirits, visit the opponents and cause 1,417 damage each. Goals that are hit several times receive 75 percent cumulative damage from each follow-up goal.

commanding skeletons | Active: Command your skeleton champions to storm the destination and increase the speed of attack by 80 percent for 4.5 seconds. Passive: raise a skeleton champion every 8 seconds-up to a maximum of four skeleton champion. skeletal magician | Conseclements an immobile skeletal magician for 13 seconds, who throws soul fire balls in one direction and inflicts 267 damage in the path of the ball. In total, you cannot command more than six skeleton champions and skeletal magicians. Golem command | Conseclut a bone golem for 24 seconds. The golem adds 1,050 damage to all opponents nearby and stuns them for 2 seconds. While he is active, you can command the Golem to jump to a nearby place where it causes 367 damage and forces all monsters nearby to attack him for 6 seconds. Bone armor | Protect you and allies nearby with a bone shield that absorbs 3,402 damage for 12 seconds.

Legendary objects for your summoner

Legendary object Effect
Farewell gift Bone armor grants you and all group members near five charges of immunity, each preventing the entire damage of a hit.

Desolatoria | Golem command conjures up a melted Golem who continuously burns opponents nearby instead of force or numb to attack. Owning Trinity | Soul fire jumps into an additional goal, but causes 30 percent less damage to each other goal. Fanal of the invited | Duration of Golem command increased by 30 percent. Skull veil | Duration of skeletal magicians increased by 30 percent. No desire | Bone armor also allows against opponents nearby and increases their damage for a short time, but no longer grants group members.

Equipment set for the deadly blank building

You reinforce your build for the dead summoner with the set of the shepherd call to the wolves . The bonuses significantly reinforce your skeletons and golems:


Set bonus *: Your summons cause 15 percent more damage. 4-Set bonus : The critical chance of hits is increased by 3 percent for each of your conjured creatures, up to a maximum of 18 percent. 6-Set bonus : Your conjured creatures go to a wutzus every 10 seconds every time when one of them lands on a critical goal. The rage increases its damage and speed of attack by 100 percent. This effect can only occur once every 40 seconds.

Legendary gemstones for your dead summoner

Legendary gemstones Characteristic
Endless agony Increases the response by 15.

+8 combat rating

Your critical hits cause Agony in opponents, which causes 10 percent basic damage and 6 seconds per second per second. Opponents cannot be affected by this effect more than once every 20 seconds.

Burden of the companion | Increases the response by 30.

+12 combat rating

Increases your damage caused by 1 percent for every conjured creature under your control, up to a maximum of 6 percent.

Increased fangzahn | Increases the response by 30.

+12 combat rating

Each attack against an opponent increases the damage he suffers from you by 0.8 percent-up to a maximum of 8 percent stacked in 10.

Eye of the berserker | Increases the response by 0.75 percent.

+8 combat rating

Increases your damage by 5.5 percent and your damage suffered by 6 percent.

Zwensons seclusion | Increases the response by 30.

+18 combat rating

If you defeat an opponent, she conjures up a dark beast that attacks all the opponents nearby and inflicts 50 percent basic damage +486. This effect can only occur once every 6 seconds.

Call of the howler | Increases the response by 30.

+18 combat rating

Your primary attack has a chance of 10 percent to conjure up a rushing ghost wolf that inflicts 150 percent basic damage to all opponents in his way. This effect can only occur once every 20 seconds.

How do I play the deadly blank building?

The build is designed to cause as much damage as possible and to keep your damage inserted as low as possible by the servants. Make sure that you always use the bone armor when it is ready. In addition, you should Timen your Golem Gut **, since it causes a lot of damage but has a long conveyor. First contract a large amount of opponents and then summon your servant.

The skeletal magician causes a lot of damage -but cannot move. So put it in favorable places such as bottlenecks or places where many opponents spawn. Your skeleton champions are buffling with your ability and can be stormed into a destination at the same time. It is best to send them to the elite monsters or a boss.

As soon as you have ignited all other skills, causes you damage with your primary ability and thus charge the bars for the ultimate ability. Use it as soon as it is ready.

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Which paragon talents make sense for the summarized of the dead?

In order for you to plow through the different content as quickly as possible, you rely on the damage reinforcements from the conquered talent tree . If you tip off your mountain pines a little too quickly, first focus on the survival artist tree.

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