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Destiny 2: Sunlead 2022 - upgrade armor

In our Guide for the Sonnauces Armor 2022 in Destiny 2 , you can find out:

  • How to upgrade your armor parts
  • How to redistribute the stings of the armor
  • Where you can quickly farm silver branches

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How long does the solstice 2022 go in Destiny 2?

The solstice event in Destiny 2 takes place from 19. July 2022 to August 9, 2022 . So you have three weeks to earn the flamekeeper seal and grind high-quality armor.

How do I start the event?

Travel to the tower and talks to Eva , which awaits you at the large statue directly at the spawn point. It leads you with an entry-level quest through the Sonnauces 2022.

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upgrading solutions of the sun in 2022-that's how it works

From Eva you will get your first armor set of the solstice 2022 (shining armor set), which you upgraded in the course of the event. This year you not only unlock the white glow for the sets with the armor upgrades, but can also redistribute the states of the armor parts and thus produce high-quality armor.

The materials of the solstice 2022 at a glance


Let's start with the resources of the solstice in 2022. There are a total of four new materials ** that you can earn:

Material Location To use
Fuel You will receive through the conclusion of event challenges.
To upgrade the armor parts:
  • Level 1: 1 fuel
  • Level 2: 2 fuel
  • Level 3: 3 fuel

Silver branches | You get through the completion of activities if you wear at least part of the shining armor. | You need silver branches to get silver bags. Silberasche | Silver branches are converted into silver bag at the end of the event activity light fire party-provided you wear at least part of the bright armor. | With silver ash you soak your armor and redistribute the stats:

  • Level 1: 20 silver bags
  • Level 2: 40 silver bags
  • Level 3: 60 silver bags

Event tickets | You will receive through the conclusion of event challenges. | Can be exchanged for cosmetic items if you buy the improved event card.

How do I improve my solstice armor?

First you have to complete any activities such as strikes, gambit or melting pot matches, while you wear the new armor parts of the solstice 2022 . You will receive silver branches for this.

TIP : According to the information in the game, you get more silver branches if you wear several solutions. In our runs, however, we found that it makes no difference whether you wear a complete armor set or just the class item. So it is enough if you create a single glowing armor part-the number of silver branches deserved does not change.

If you have silver branches in the inventory (maximum 100), you start the new Luminous Fire party activity. At the end of the activity, your silver branches will be converted into silver ash .

To improve the armor parts, you still need fuel -you will receive a fuel per event.

Then inspect a shining armor and use the fuel in the penultimate mod slot. You can then use silver bag in the last mod slot to penetrate the armor with embers ** and improve the values. This works three times each and becomes a little more expensive every time-see material table above.

In the third upgrade process, you can choose a status value in the last mod slot , which should have at least one value of +20. It is best to combine this with a spirit mod for another status value that should receive at least +10. Apart from the rotating armorstatz from the Master Raids, this is the only way in Destiny 2 to determine high values beforehand with two desired arms.

Important informations :

  • You can not change the stats for an armor part after the three upgrades. This is only possible with a new armor section . However, you only need silver ash and no more fuel to improve further armor parts in the same slot. The armor upgrades and thus the event challenges count not across character *, but must be closed with each of your characters.

How do I get new armor parts?

You can get new armor parts as a reward for the end of the light fire party or you can simply buy it from Eva in the tower for a little mica and legendary fragments. Apparently there is no purchase limit at Eva, so you can get new armor parts unlimited **.

where can I quickly farm silver branches?

The fastest way to get silver branches in the second Witch-Queen campaign mission The Determination . The mission can be managed in less than 10 minutes and usually rewards you with 15 silver branches. Incidentally, the level of difficulty of the mission makes no difference, which is why we recommend that you play the mission in simple, classic level of difficulty.

With at least one other player in the Fireteam you can get silver branches in this mission by securing the checkpoint at the end of the mission.

Play to shortly before the end of the mission . If you are commissioned to talk to Finch, leave the mission before you talk to him-this will give you a checkpoint at exactly this point.

Now load the checkpoint in the mission with another player. You then leave the mission, switch to another character, join your colleague again and conclude the mission together. Now you change your character again with the checkpoint and load the storage point in the mission. Wait until the colleague joined you, then leave the mission again, change the character, joined again and end the mission.

You can repeat this process as often as you like and will be rewarded with silver branches every time **.

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