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It's Kuniokun's Three Kingdoms, everyone gathered! Steam version Store page open -Scheduled to be released on July 21

On April 28, the release of the PS4/STEAM version was announced on July 21, Kunokun's Three Kingdoms! ], but this Steam version of the store page has been released. This work is one of the Kuni Okun Series with the theme of the Three Kingdoms, and will be the Nintendo Switch version of the Nintendo switch version released on December 16, 2021. The Kuniokun Series is a group of works that are used by the protagonists who are called hot-blooded groups. Downtown series can be broadly divided into three series of Sports Series with the theme of dodgeball and baseball, and this work is classified as downtown series. At the time of the release of the PS4/Steam version, the addition of 12 new playable characters has been announced, and the switch version is said to be an additional support by the free update scheduled to be implemented on the same day. It's Kuniokun's Three Kingdoms, everyone gathered! The Nintendo Switch/PS4 package version is on sale, and the PS4/Steam

The release of the Old 'Em Up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge took place

The output Beat 'Em Up from the Tribute Games Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge studio took place. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Shredder's Revenge is made in the style of the animated series of the 80s of the last century, with a clear sight to an adult audience that remembers the first adaptation of comics Kevin and Peter Lard. According to the plot of the game on the sixth channel, where the April O’Nnil reporter works, the Bibop and Rockstedi attack on the orders of Kreng and Schroeder, the sworn enemy of the four brothers and their teachers Splinter. The team of heroes sets off in search of a stolen device. In total, seven characters are available. In addition to Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo, you can play for Splinter, Casey Jones and April. Each hero has his own set of movements and techniques. The game supports a cooperative up to four people.

Netmarble'Marge Kungya Island 'launch d

** -No-Kungya Motif 2 kinds of drinks and 4 kinds of macaroons. ** -Netmarble Headquarters G-Tower 3F, 'Lol' -June 15th casual healing game'Marge Kungya Island 'official Open Netmarble announced today that it will sell the refreshments 'Kungya menu', which was specially produced a day before the launch of the casual healing game , on the 3rd floor of Guro-gu, Seoul. The menu with Netmarble's own IP 'Kungya' is the 'Dragon and Kungya Coconut Aid', 'Apple Kungya Rich Aid' 2 kinds and 4 macaroons (mushroom kungya Earl Gray Cream cheese). These products are produced to reflect the appearance and characteristics of Kungya characters such as dragons, apples, and onions. These products will be available until June 24 at 'Lol' located in Netmarble's headquarters. 'ㅋㅋ Dabang' is a cafe that started as a space for Netmarble employees, and it was newly opened as a space for outsiders, such as local residents, as N

Resident Evil Village: DLC Winters 'growth and also Gold Edition offered with visit

The eighth Resident Evil branch gets an extensive DLC called Winter's Expansion. Capcom specifies October 28 of this year as a launch date. tale growth Shadows of Rose and also more The download development together from three different content: The Third-Personal Perspective, thanks to which Ethans can experience adventure from a brand-new point of view. The adventure Shadows of Rose, which lets you slip into the role of Ethan's little girl. 16 years after the primary tale, she has to have a hard time with her terrifying power every day. You will experience this experience from begin to finish in the third-person point of view. The arcade setting The Mercenaries: Additional Orders, which includes new degrees and also various other playable characters. The latter consist of Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg and Girl Dimitrescu. This version is for that reason aimed at players who do not yet own Resident Evil Village. And also due to the fact that all excellent points are t

Positions occupied: Rother signs in Essen

Björn Rother comes from the kogge to the third department promoted. With Björn Rother we get the gamer type that we have actually browsed for and that we have not yet had in the squad. Essen's new head trainer Christoph Dabrowski appreciates the high qualities of his newbie: Björn Rother is a very two-chamber-strong 6, that marched beforehand and is not worried to hurt the challenger. Time and again his back. He will certainly do our game quite possibly. wished to proceed betting a conventional club Together with the Esseners, the midfielder pursues ambitious objectives: In the third league I have currently played a couple of video games and also therefore recognize what is necessary in this organization. I am encouraged that I can help this huge club and also will certainly knock every little thing out, To develop red-white food in specialist football. Rother brings the experience of 130 third department and 40 2nd division games into the Ruhrpott. Rother was educated in th

Metal: Hellsinger - Demo version is already available, and the game will be released in September

Lovers of heavy music, rejoice! Metal rhythm player: Hellsinger has acquired a free demo, as well as the exact release date. All this information was reported in the new game trailer, which the developers published through the official YouTube channel PlayStation. You can familiarize yourself with the video below, and demo can be downloaded on Steam right now. Demo version is also available on PlayStation As for the release of Metal: Hellsinger, it will be released on September 15 of this year, and pre-orders are available right now.

What content Endgame is in Diablo Immortal?

The Hoyooverse studio has published the plot video of Genshin Impact past memories. It tells the story of the lost memory of Yax, who sits in a cave with the man-mag of Bo Yan. Together they have a conversation, trying to recall the past and the reason why Yax was here. The shadows from the fire ultimately awaken in it forgotten. The synopsis of the video says: When the danger has passed, everyone dispersed: some with a sense of duty, others in deep thought. Only Xiao invites you to a conversation to tell about the memoirs of the Yaksa.