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New Silent Hill could send me SMS at 3 a.m.

"Yes hello! Here is Mr. Head, Pyramid Head. I will find and kill them. Warm greetings!". According to a rumor, what sounds like a joke could soon expect us in a possible new Silent Hill. That should send us SMS messages even if we have not switched on the game at all.

The reactions of fans of the horror series on the info, which are just as popular as in previous years, are currently going so far that they describe the feature as a scaryest ever . For me, however, the feature sounds more like an incredibly bad idea that I would probably simply sleep over.

Dennis Michel

[email protected]_de

As a fan of the horror series, Dennis is really excited to see what will become of Silent Hill for the coming years, but also has his worries because of the latest rumors about Team Blober, whether a new offshoot or even a remake is really in the right direction. Layers of Fear, The Medium and Co. were all nice to good games, but the big hit was still not successful.

SMS? What is that again?

To classify: The idea of an SMS feature in a horror game is by no means new. Do you remember Kojimas Silent Hills? We are talking about the game that the playable teaser (in short: P.T) should make us tasty. In 2019 there was already the information that the game will send us emails and messages-provided we sign a declaration of consent in advance.

But assumed, Blober team, Annapurna or who else is supposed to be working on a new Silent Hill, send me SMS from now on. What would that be for a strange idea that fell completely out of time?

much too outdated to be creepy : Of course I can only speak for myself, but I felt like I recently written an SMS a good ten years ago, let alone open the news folder. Just the idea of it, I would get “creepy” text messages from the game to my cell ph1. Who should that still shock in 2022, especially since I know that I get such SMS after consent?

And apart from how little such artificial messages would contribute to the horror atmosphere. For example, if my cell phone flashes at 3 a.m., then I will never notice that thanks to my blissful and deep sleep. But as is well known, there should be people who have switched on the cell phone tone around the clock.

innovation in horror games works differently

I know, I know: someone wants to bring a little innovation into the genre and then I just complain. Do not understand me wrong, especially in the horror genre, innovations are urgently needed, otherwise you will dull too much in the long run. Always the same manor house, a flood of jumpscares, horror from the ridge-person perspective. All of this works to a certain extent, but eventually becomes a barren routine for fans of the genre. How happy I am that especially in the VR area, for example by half-life: Alyx, more immersion and thus innovation.

By the way, my colleague Samara in her column also tells you why the scary is not enough in the long run:

__27 __3

Analyzing Pyramid Head's

News to scary

Horror games need innovation - the creepy alone is not enough


But of course new incentives in the genre are also possible on the head without VR glasses. For example, let me feel the horror over the PS5 dual-sensense controller, cleverly integrate the speaker in or conjure up an eerily beautiful 3D audio backdrop in a similar way to Resident Evil Village. In any case, all of this is better than sending strange short messages that I will probably not read anyway.

How do you see Silent Hill's possible SMS feature? Strange social play or exactly the horror it needs?


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