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The Walking Dead: Vorabend der Revolution: Review zu Acts of God (S11E16)

Where are the inhabitants of Riverbend? And what has happened to the failed attack by Carlson? To find answers to these questions and finally get the inhabitants of the colonies under his fake, Plant Lance Hornsby to see every corner of Hilltop and kill Maggie, and that starts the 16. Follow the 11th season of The Walking Dead; Acts of God.

On side of the Commonwealth soldiers, Daryl, Gabriel and Aaron are intended to secure the area, but both the three and the soldiers are clear that they should actually die. A shootout begins at which Aaron is injured and a cat and mouse game starts, in which never really becomes clear who the hunter is and who hunted. Sure is only, in the end, the Commonwealth Alexandria and Hilltop seem to have actually taken. A coin toss should now decide how to continue with the residents of Oceanside.

The Walking Dead: Sit Daryl and Father Gabriel in the trap? Source: AMC / Disney The biggest surprises of the result, however, gets Maggie. On the one hand, there is Negan, the man she hated more than anything else. When she brings him Hershel to take care of it while she and the others approach against Lance and his people, Negran doubts, whether he is the right thing for this job. Maggie is another opinion, because it actually begins to respect the killer of her husband.

On the other hand, Leah, who has received the order by Lance, to kill Maggie. A short time it looks almost as if she creates that and the two women deliver a hard fight. Ultimately, however, it is Daryl that turns LEAH and saves Maggie - it almost seems as if he has finally decided on a life with his friends and against one with Leah.

Revelations in the Commonwealth ****

And not only outside the Commonwealth borders brides herself together. Eugene and Max try the Walking Dead: Lance Hornsby plans to take over Hilltop. If necessary with violence. Source: AMC / Disney files to come, which prove what Sebastian Milton drives and that the Commonwealth or at least his mother covers it. After being caught almost by Sebastian, Max can grab a few of the files and bring to Connie. Unfortunately, they are encrypted and so Connie remains unless otherwise remains to write a article about Sebastian Miltons special money procurement measures. "Pamela Milton complies with you," says then on the front page of the newspaper, which of course the President of the Commonwealth of course does not enjoy.

The Commonwealth shows more and more dark pages, while the heroes of The Walking Dead have to fight their lives again. "Acts of God" gives a taste of what will happen in the next and last eight episodes. How strong Lance Hornsby makes the situation still escalate, what does Pamela Milton know about the deeds of her son and its deputy and when comes It to the inevitable revolution? The answers will give The Walking Dead when the series returns in autumn 2022 - hopefully.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 16 - Acts of God - Video Review!

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