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MSI E-Sport Bundle: 360 Hz Monitor and Gaming

Those who want to be particularly accurate in video games, for which it depends on low latency. NVIDIA offers the action package Reflex, which consists of the latency analyzer, among other things. To use this function, you need the right hardware. The Taiwanese manufacturer MSI has now laced a bundle to play any PC gamer like an E-Sports professional and can also save money. In the package for 568.90 euros ~~ instead of 758.90 euros ~~ are the gaming monitor NXG253rde and the appropriate cable mower MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight V2. With this exclusive bundle, over 200 euros can be saved. If you prefer to wirelessly, for whom the bundle is also available with a wireless version of the Clutch GM41 (about 20 euros more expensive).

Table of contents

  1. MSI NXGR253rde: Gaming Monitor with 360 Hz

1.1. Ergonomics allows for hours of playing & home office

  1. Lightweight and precise: MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight

2.1. The long way to quick click

  1. What should Nvidia Reflex & Latency Analyzer?

MSI NXGR253RE: Gaming Monitor with 360 Hz

Ergonomics allows for hours of playing & home office

In order to be able to make long gaming sessions as pleasant as possible, MSI respected on ergonomics. Thus, the MSI NXGR253rde not only has a tilt adjustment, but can also be adjusted in height by 130 millimeters. Who wants, can also use the monitor in Pivot position. Although one is rarely used when playing, but as a helper in the home office, the portrait format proves to be useful, for example with long text documents. To round off the manifold ergonomics settings, the MSI NXGR253rde has the option to mount a VESA wall bracket.

In the right corner of the back sits a small red-colored joystick, with which the monitor can be switched on and off. In addition, the OSD menu including settings can be called. The MSI NXGR253rde also offers NVIDIA G-SYNC and makes it possible to make adjustments directly in its own menu item. Who wants, can also switch between the standard color space SDR and the extended color space HDR.

Here is the bundle from NXGR253rde and Clutch GM41 Lightweight to buy:

  • Bundle with cable mouse
  • Bundle with wireless mouse

GAMING-Monitor: Wer sieht die 360 Hz? PCGH-Redakteure beim Bildwiederhol-Raten!

Lightweight and precise: MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight

The long way to quick click

E-athletes and those who want to be, attach value to the shortest possible latencies. The shorter the lag is, the faster opponents can be recognized on the screen. Often there are only milliseconds between triumph and defeat. There are four areas that are crucial for system latency:

  • Peripheral latency. Technically conditioned "bouncing" switches of keyboards and mice something and do not release after a pressure immediately. By means of displacement routines, however, the signals can be passed through as fast as possible via USB, as with the MSI Clutch GM41 lightweight.
  • Game latency. The CPU and the graphics card drivers must first instruct the GPU to display image on the monitor.
  • Rendering latency. If there is a GPU limit, then the rendering time is significantly influenced.
  • Display latency. The scanout corresponds to the recovery of the refresh rate - ie the Hertz number - and determines the latency of the monitor together with the pixel reaction time. The higher the Hertz number, the lower the latency.

Here is the bundle from NXGR253rde and Clutch GM41 Lightweight to buy:

  • Bundle with cable mouse
  • Bundle with wireless mouse

What should NVIDIA Reflex & Latency Analyzer?

NVIDIA Reflex is intended to reduce system utilization in GPU-dulner scenarios, promises Nvidia. Thus, the latency times should be lower than the Low Latency mode can be installed directly into the game if the respective game developer uses the NVIDIA Reflex SDK. First supported games for Nvidia Reflex are next to COD: Warzone and Cod: Modern Warfare, Fortnite, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold was and Watch Dogs: Legion. The list of supported games is growing steadily and also includes singleplayer tracks like God of War. Thus, Nvidia Reflex is becoming more and more standard for the E-Sport for Gamer. In the future, additional PC games are added. In addition to "just-in-time" rendering, by means of the NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer, the clicks of mice should also be recorded to keep the latencies low. For this, the mouse must be connected to the USB port of a supported monitor so that the NVIDIA software can measure system latency and ultimately reduce the latency in supported games by means of Reflex Low-latency mode. According to Nvidia, the latency should have reduced after installing the driver 456.55 in COD: Warzone by 10 milliseconds when using a GeForce GTX 1660 Super in conjunction with a monitor with G-Sync. Of course, here is a current GPU of the NVIDIA RTX 30 Series series, which in conjunction with the 360 Hz of the MSI Oculux NXG253rde and the Clutch GM41 can unfold its full potential.

Here is the bundle from NXGR253rde and Clutch GM41 Lightweight to buy: Bundle with cable mouse Bundle with wireless mouse

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