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Changes in "Dome Fist" and "Olisa" in "Overwatch 2" are clarified. Doum with a fixed defense and an attack with an increase in attack

BLIZZARD ENTERTAINT ANTERTAINMENT clarified the changes of Doux and Olisa in "Overwatch 2" on April 21st.

"Overwatch 2" is the online match FPS game currently under development BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT. As a change from "Overwatch" which is the previous work, the number of match people go to 6 to 6 to 5 (1 tank, 2 damage, 2 support). Introduction of a ping system that simpler communication with allies and full-scale PVE mode is included. In addition, many changes and reworks will be included in the heroes that appeared in the previous work. As an example, performance changes such as sombla and bastion and new visual have been clarified (related articles).

And this time, it has been revealed how Demvest and Olisa changed in "Overwatch 2". First, the role changes from damage to tank as it was previously previously previously previously previously previously previously previously previously previously previously heard. Life has increased from 250 to 450, and rising upper cut is abolished, and features power blocks are obtained instead. This is the ability to prevent 90% of attack damage from the front, and the speed, flight distance, power, etc. of rocket punches will rise, the more you prevent damage.

In addition, instead of the hand cannone, the delivery rate of ammunition increases for hand cannone instead of being downwardly corrected. Size Mick Slum seems to be a behavior that is easy to use for moving like Winston's jump pack. Overall, aggression is mild, but tricky is a deferred impression. It is likely to be a tank that does not hold.

Subsequently, the Olisa tends to increase more aggression, and the ability is almost replaced. Three types of ability excluding Fortipi are abolished. Two types of abilities and new Ultimate tera surges are given using Javelin (throwing). Javelin is an ability to throw into the enemy and give stan and knockback. This is also possible to rotate as a separate abilities, but although the bullet (PROJECTILES is PROJECTILES, it is unclear whether it does not contain hit scan), it seems that the enemy is pushed back and backward.

And Tera Surge has become the ability to contain the effect of the abolished ability "stop!". This will cause Olisa's effect to activate the Olisa, and at the same time the surrounding enemy player is sucked towards the Olisa. And after a while, it seems like a mechanism to activate a range attack. And, in addition to being a system that can fire until the weapon is overheated, not the military reload system, and it became a system that can be fired until the weapon is overheated, and at the beginning, a big bullet was fired and it became small during the flight.

While Forti Fish has become able to acquire a temporary life of 125, the moving speed will decrease by 20%. During the effect time, the heat accumulation of fusion drivers by shooting is also increased. Overall, it is an impression that was adjusted as a tank to push more aggressively. See the official announcement page for further details of the change.

"Overwatch 2" PC version PVP beta test will be implemented from April 27. Beta test participants are decided by lottery and application is still accepted.


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