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FC Bayern: Julian Nagelsmann with premier year not entirely happy

Although in his first season as head coach of FC Bayern, the German championship is "only", Julian Nagelsmann is positive about the upcoming tasks at the industry leader. The 34-year-old has big goals for 2022/2023. "The incentive is that it will continue in a similar or better direction," said trainer shortly before the game of Munich on Saturday (3:30 p.m./Sky) at FSV Mainz 05 at "Sky". He wants to "have more to celebrate than the championship with his team, that is the goal". Everyone wants to "improve, we want to", "emphasized Nagelsmann. FC Bayern has been a master early since last weekend, for Nagelsmann it is the first national title. In the Champions League, on the other hand, the Bavarians were eliminated in the quarter-finals, in the DFB Cup even earlier. That should be different in the coming season. "Of course" he leaned out with his promise "far out of the window," reveals Nagelsmann, "b

WWE 2K22: Start des Banzai Packs

With the published Banzai Pack, the first DLC pack for WWE 2K22, 2K brings the fans the WWE legends Yokozuna and Rikishi, the "Samoan Bulldozer" Umaga, the current Raw superstar Omos and the emerging NXT star KACY Catanzaro. All five superstars have their own 'my faction' evo cards that can be upgraded in the 'My Group' gameplay. The WWE Hall of Famer Yokozuna is two WWE Champion, duplicate WWE Tag Team Champion and doubt world champion in Sumoringen. As a terrifying super heavyweight, Yokozuna has recorded it with greats like Hulk Hogan, Bret "Hit Man" Hart and The Undertaker presented them to their devastating "Banzai Drop". His cousin Rikishi is also WWE Hall of Famer, former Intercontinental Champion, Zweier World Tag Team Champion and WWE Tag Team Champion. He is known for his playful dancing, his stylish appearance and his dreaded "Stinkface" attack. Rikishi's brother, the "Samoan Bulldozer" Umaga, is a d

April 27 in Dying Light 2 will appear a new game +

The developers Dying Light 2 plan to release the new game+ mode+ very soon, April 27. This activity will allow fans to pass the plot again, having tested additional opportunities and fresh content. For example, in the new game+ enemies will receive an increase - their parameters will correspond to the level of the protagonist. Eiden himself will preserve pumped skills and found objects, but some of the pieces (for example, paraglider) will have to be opened again. In addition, additional points with inhibitors will appear on the map and new elite opponents - the places of their appearance are marked with golden markers. Having overcome them, you can count on obtaining a particularly valuable loot. Update 1.3.0 with a new game+ will be free for all owners of Dying Light 2.

The sale of Ubisoft. Will the owner change this time?

The largest game of Europe, over 7 trillion won, is likely to be acquired by Ubi Soft to acquire a private fund. Bloomberg, Kotawaku, such as Bloomberg, was reported that Ubi Soft rose to the subject of the Ba'out Fund. Currently, the funds that are currently directed are large operating companies such as Blackstone, KKR & CO. Currently, Ubi Soft's major shareholders are represented by the CEO "Guillemot Family) to be currently owned by the company's stake in about 15%. Ubi Soft started as a family firm in 1986, listed on the French Paris Exchange in 1996 and today. In 2004, in EA and 2015, the Non-Di Di was trying to merge ubiquites hostile, but the base of the base is achieved a successful managerial defense and maintains major shareholders. Last February, Yves Guillemot Ubi Soft representative, "Ubi Soft will remain independently, but if an acquisition proposal comes, I will review it." In recent years, Ub. Soft's share price is 42% p, down t

Dune: Spice Wars: How to set up a refinery to harvest spices

When you start expanding your empire Dune: Spice War it you have to harvest . As you may know or do not know, season is the most important thing in the world of Arrakis ** because it is the only place in the universe that contains it. But how do you start harvesting Spice for yourself? You have the task of setting up a refinery to handle this, but not many instructions on what you have to do, so we come into play. We will teach you how to get one in your hands Refinery and a combine harvester, so that you can start to get the whole spice on arrakis! Dune: Spice Wars - How to get a refinery to harvest spices The first thing you have to do to prepare for the harvest is free a village This is near Spice. You can see it on the map because there is one Lila symbol that shows that there is a spice field nearby. To do this, you have to manufacture some military units, Select them and Right click to the nearby village. Make sure you have enough power to take over so that y

1. FC Cologne - Arminia Bielefeld X: X:

Arminia Bielefeld tumes with the new coach Marco Kostmann of the 2nd Bundesliga, 1. FC Cologne may continue to dream of European football. Bielefeld conceded a deserved 1: 3 (1: 2) in Cologne on the 31st matchday and thus the seventh defeat from the past eight games - the Arminia continues to cover the 17th place in the table and is in acute danger of descent. The data of the game 1. FC Cologne against Arminia Bielefeld The reactions to the game 1. FC Cologne against Arminia Bielefeld Market Uth (3rd), Anthony Modeste (43) and Jan Thielmann (86.) sealed the 15th Bielefelder Saisoniediedlage, which could have been clearer in view of the power relations. Cologne was not consistent enough in many moments, as in the emergence of the Bielefelder hit: FC center-back Timo Hübers (33rd) stumbled the ball to 1: 1 into his own goal. Nevertheless, Cologne is clearly about 49 points on Europe course. Bielefeld had fired the luckless Frank Kramer on Wednesday and made the previous goalkeeper co

Changes in "Dome Fist" and "Olisa" in "Overwatch 2" are clarified. Doum with a fixed defense and an attack with an increase in attack

BLIZZARD ENTERTAINT ANTERTAINMENT clarified the changes of Doux and Olisa in "Overwatch 2" on April 21st. "Overwatch 2" is the online match FPS game currently under development BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT. As a change from "Overwatch" which is the previous work, the number of match people go to 6 to 6 to 5 (1 tank, 2 damage, 2 support). Introduction of a ping system that simpler communication with allies and full-scale PVE mode is included. In addition, many changes and reworks will be included in the heroes that appeared in the previous work. As an example, performance changes such as sombla and bastion and new visual have been clarified (related articles). And this time, it has been revealed how Demvest and Olisa changed in "Overwatch 2". First, the role changes from damage to tank as it was previously previously previously previously previously previously previously previously previously previously previously heard. Life has increased from 250

Cookie Run: Picnic Bone Game Guide and Desktop Kingdom Spring

Cookie RUN event: Spring picnic in the kingdom is a desktop game in the bone in which you must perform tasks to earn bone throws to experience good luck in receipt of awards. The event takes place from from April 18, 2022 to May 3, 2022. and open to all players. How to play the desktop game "Spring Picnic" how to get flowering bones for picnic You do not need to extract certain cookies to enjoy the event, and tasks can be performed at any time. However, since some tasks can be performed only a limited number of times a day, it is better to start in advance to get all awards. How to play the desktop game "Spring Picnic" Go to the Spring Picnic section in the left corner of the events menu to access the desktop game. It imitates the classic structure of snakes and stairs with 60 cells, as well as award-winning and obstacles to. Click on Playing bone Button in the lower right corner of the screen to spend 10 blooming playing bones for a picnic . The value y

Gladbach vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga today in the live ticker

In the Bundesliga, Borussia Mönchengladbach and the 1st FC Cologne meet today . Here you can pursue the game in the live ticker. Gladbach vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga today in the live ticker - before starting Gladbach vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga today in the TV and Livestream Gladbach vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga - Expected listings Bundesliga: The current table Time for the Rheinische Derby! On the 30th match day of the Bundesliga, Borussia Mönchengladbach and the 1st FC Cologne are opposite today. The game is offered in the Liveticker by Cologne meet . The item is updated continuously. Click here for the refresh of the page. Gladbach vs. 1. FC Cologne: Bundesliga today in the live ticker - before starting Before starting: The foals are currently in good form, since four games they are already unbeaten. Three of them could even win. Nonetheless, the distance to the European places is a great, which can not assert the 1st FC Cologne. * Before starting: * It's the last

Prank: In my head is only Bochum

For preparation for the third meeting with the Bochumers, Christian Streich has looked at the two previous encounters again. The SC coach also found that the VFL has changed a few things in the cup match opposite the league game. Although Bochum had won 2: 1, but that was mainly due to the lack of Freborg efficiency and an outstanding goalkeeper Manuel Riemann. In the quarterfinals of the DFB Cup, "we have forced it then steadfastly stayed, that speaks for the team," said prank. In the last minute of extension, Roland Sallai used a failed return pass to 2: 1, which secured the semifinals the Sports Club. Prank warns before "Mental very strong" Bochumern Before it goes to the Hamburger SV, Bochum comes to Freiburg. The SC coach warned of the "Aggressivity and Discipline" of the Team of Thomas Rice: "They are looking for one-counter-one all the time, because they have good diarrers, fast people in the domestic defense, so they can defend high.&quo

The Walking Dead: Vorabend der Revolution: Review zu Acts of God (S11E16)

Where are the inhabitants of Riverbend? And what has happened to the failed attack by Carlson? To find answers to these questions and finally get the inhabitants of the colonies under his fake, Plant Lance Hornsby to see every corner of Hilltop and kill Maggie, and that starts the 16. Follow the 11th season of The Walking Dead; Acts of God. On side of the Commonwealth soldiers, Daryl, Gabriel and Aaron are intended to secure the area, but both the three and the soldiers are clear that they should actually die. A shootout begins at which Aaron is injured and a cat and mouse game starts, in which never really becomes clear who the hunter is and who hunted. Sure is only, in the end, the Commonwealth Alexandria and Hilltop seem to have actually taken. A coin toss should now decide how to continue with the residents of Oceanside. The Walking Dead: Sit Daryl and Father Gabriel in the trap? Source: AMC / Disney The biggest surprises of the result, however, gets Maggie. On the one hand, th

Destiny 2 wants to transform the PVP - what does that mean for the iron banner?

Gamers need to after that obtain a seal that can be had fun with less initiative. Even more information will adhere to only at a later date. A small area in the TWAB, which was written in German with "howling" in Italic, recommends that the iron banner could also be impacted by adjustments. In enhancement, a supposed leak, which indicates future changes in the iron banner Bungie had already announced in advance for the PVP mode Indestiny 2. In the brand-new TWAB, Bungie had already introduced that the glory telephone call system is revised. What is this for a leak? This leak was openly uploaded on the page "". ** Formally, Bungie has not said regarding this big leak. In the meantime, he commissions crow replacement to lead the iron banner occasion and also wake over the iron temple. An entire iron banner season was reviewed. Guardians that do not such as to ruin themselves, also if the leak likewise contains some disparities along with potential

Irving sticks to Karlsruher SC Fit

The Baden have a training guest. The Scot Andy Irving trains the KSC. The 21-year-old last was under TurkGücü under contract. However, the Munich had to compete the withdrawal from the 3rd league a few weeks ago and could not maintain the training company. "Under Easter, Andy now keeps us fit. This helps us continue because he is at home in the central midfield where we have a few injuries," Necat Aygün, technical director at KSC, is quoted on the club website. Irving came from Heart of Midlothian from Scotland to Munich last summer and completed 23 third-ligament games for Turkish Cup (a goal, an assist).

Version 1.0 of Efootball will come out next week

Konami has revealed that on April 14, Thursday of next week, version 1.0.0 of Efootball will finally come uply, provided for on November 11. This date only corresponds to the premiere at PLAYSTATION , Xbox and PC , with an output of the version for mobile devices that has not yet been revealed. This update conforms the output of the game officially, and with it they have corrected errors and implemented new functions. In the statement, the mechanics of "ordering" stand out so that players that we are not controlling can help us take off our rivals, in addition to the command "load with the shoulder" to be more aggressive. These changes respond to the comments of the community that highlighted the difficulty of defending and recovering the ball. Shooting, drivers, artificial intelligence and the possibilities in the strategy have also been improved. They have emphasized the passes due to the ball losses that caused so far by their inaccuracy and slowness,

Will Smith has prohibit attending the Óscar for 10 years

It seems that the drama around Will Smith and his infamous slap has finally reached an end. During a meeting, the Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences came to the conclusion that, after its incident in the prior ceremony of the Óscar Awards, * Will Smith is prohibited from attending any event organized by this organization for 10 years. * In this way, Smith will not be able to put a foot, either physical or virtual, at any event, celebration or party that has to do with the Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences until 2032, That includes the ceremonies of the Óscar. This was what was commented about: "The Board has decided that, for a period of 10 years as of April 8, 2022, Smith will not be allowed to attend any event or program of the Academy, in person or virtually, including, among others, the Academy Awards ". For his part, Smith issued a statement where he accepted this punishment, where he mentioned: "I accept and respect the decision o

Elden Ring: Players are disgusted by this astute Technique of Farmeo de Runes

In Elden Ring, there are dozens of ways to be valuable runes of the game, allowing you to climb the level and increase your statistics. The techniques for obtaining are varied, some more accurate than others. For some time now, players who seek combat in PvP have been found facing opponents... Absent . Rather hidden, because the latter wait for their invader to commit suicide for the desperation of not finding them, and then recovering runes thanks to the "victory" of him. Farmeo of Runes while afk The community is angry Solution to the problem Farmeo of Runes while afk In the middlelands, it is possible to allow random players to "invade" your world, and then fight in PvP. If you win this fight, you want a fairly large amount of runes . Some without light have decided to exploit this system to park as many runes as possible without (almost) do anything. These are placed in places where it is almost impossible to reach them, or even find them . For example,

Nothing for children: Gloomy anime game receives first gameplay

The popular anime Made in Abyss will receive a separate video game this year. Now developer Spike Chunsoft has released a first gameplay trailer for the upcoming Action RPG. The said trailer also reveals the split release period. Made in Abyss: The abyss await you in the fall The shine is attracted: Made in Abyss is a cruel masterpiece Made in Abyss: The abyss await you in the fall "Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling Into Darkness," says the Action-RPG from developer Spike Chunsoft, which should appear in fall 2022 for the PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Switch and the PC. Suitable for this was also a first trailer with gameplay scenes published: The game ** is based on the manga and anime of the same name and is about Riko, a young girl, which opens as a treasure trafficker in the mysterious depths of the dangerous Abyss. Riko is accompanied on her arduous journey from an Android boy. The shine is attracted: Made in Abyss is a cruel masterpiece In "Made in A

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, entre los juegos gratis de Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store hEthan Carter already made the rotation every Thursday. The platform of the creators of Fortnite hEthan Carterplied with the promised titles and hEthan Carter made available to all players two predicted video games : On the one hand, a well-known Walking Simulator, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter; On the other, Rogue Legacy, a roguete type title. They can be claimed until next Thursday, April 14, date in which they will be replaced by Xcom 2 and insurmountable. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter puts the player on the skin of the expert in Ocultism Paul Prospero, who entender prosperate in his research on the cEthan Cartere of Ethan Carter , a boy who hEthan Carter sent him a letter and that seems to be in grave danger. When the protagonist arrives at the boy's house he discovers that he hEthan Carter disappeared and that a terrible murder hEthan Carter occurred. In Rogue Legacy death is just around the corner, but you will always have a successor that will try to b

Game pass has new games worth more than 1,300 US in 2022

March was another impressive month for new arrivals at Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, as the subscription service further expanded its play library. As we did it in January and February, The PC players 24 evaluated the numbers of the last month's numbers and found that the service 15 has added unique new games that have a total value of $ 440.85 (about 335 £). From the 15 brand new games, which were added in March 2022 either the Xbox Game Pass, the PC Game Pass or both, impressive ten were published on the first day. These include the tension expected tunic and shredder. There were also day-one releases for the console ports of Crusader Kings III (which we held in our review for an excellent supplement for console players) and Tainted Grail: Conquest, however, these two titles are omitted in our calculations as they were already playable PC game pass. However, if you include these console ports, the value for March would rise to just under $ 510 US dollars. In Marvel's

Werder Bremen Patzt in the ascent race of the 2nd Bundesliga

Back at the top, but not completely satisfied: Werder Bremen has left important points in the rising race on the 28th matchday of the 2nd football Bundesliga. The team of coach Ole Werner had to satisfy himself despite clear superiority with a 1: 1 (0: 0) against the relegated SV Sandhausen. The hanseats pushed themselves with 52 meters in the table from Darmstadt 98 and FC St. Pauli (both 51). Werder ran, but Pascal Testroet launched the guests with their first goal shot (64.). Marvin Ducksch caused a quick response with a direct acceptance (73.), no longer enough for more 36,000 spectators in the Weserstadion. The home owners expressed Sandhausen from the beginning to their own half, but without constantly broadcasting goals hazard. Niclas Füllkrug (28th) from a short distance and Felix Agu by head (45. + 1) had the best chances in the first passage, but SVS-Keeper Patrick Drewes parped. Also in the second half it lacked for a long time to create creativity to remove the tighte

FC Bayern | Geniale idea: Nagelsmann for referees in training

Trainer Julian Nagelsmann from the football record champion FC Bayern Munich likes to see referees during the training of the clubs. "This is a brilliant idea that I welcome," said the coach of the Bundesliga spreadsheet in the interview with the Munich Merkur / Tz. In England, Ralf Rangnick, Interim Trainer at Manchester United, suggested that referees should train with the professionals to get to know each other better. "I would like to see that here too," said Nagelsmann. Rangnick encountered media reports a discussion in England, which was positively absorbed by the team anchors. The referee's association announced to examine the proposal. This will improve the understanding of the work of the referees.

Will Smith has resigned the Academy

After what happened last weekend, the Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences announced that they would be investigating Will Smith and there was the possibility that the actor had to return the Óscar that He won during the ceremony. As The Hollywood Reporter managed to be made with the statements of Smith , where he explains why he decided to give up his membership of the Academy **: "I have responded directly to the disciplinary audience notice of the Academy and I will accept each and every one of the consequences of my behavior. My actions in the none-fourth presentation of the Academy Awards were impressive, painful and inexcusable. The list of people that I have hurt is long, and includes Chris, the family of him, many of my dear friends and loved ones, all the attendees and the global audience at home. I have a party left. I want to return to focus on those who deserve attention for their achievements and allow the Academy to return to the incredible

Spider-Man Actor asks Will Smith to be banned Óscar

In all its history, the Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences has only banned five people. However, the recent incident during the Óscar number 94 ceremony could convert to will smith in the sixth person in joining this infamous group. At least that's what Thomas Haden Church asks, Spider-Man Actor: No Way Home. Thomas Haden Church, whom you will recognize about his role as Sandman in Spider-Man 3 and Spider-Man: No Way Home , recently he was interviewed by Siriusxm Volume, where he joined the conversation related to Will Smith's stroke to Chris Rock. The actor mentioned that Smith should be prohibited from the entrance to the Life Award ceremony , although there is not something wrong with preserving the Óscar from him. This was what he commented: "I am an actor nominated for the Academy Award, I have been at the Academy for 17 years, and what [Smith] did, despite how he tried to fight for an explanation, and frankly I think it is a quite pathetic excuse

Live today | The World Cup draw in the ticker

Hansi Flick and the German national team experience their opponents for the World Cup in Qatar on Friday. From 18.00 clock in the Exhibition and Convention Center of Doha, the eight groups for the Winter World Cup from 21 November to 18 December 2022 are drawn, which are distributed 32 teams on four lost pots. The World Association FIFA promises a great declaration show. How do the lost pots together? Which high collapacy threatens the German team? More about it: The Lost Pops in the Overview How do you look at the DFB on the draw? Why are three participants not yet fixed? Where is the draw in Germany to see? world ranking accompanies the draw on Friday from 18:00 clock in the detailed live ticker! How do the lost pots together? The German national team is on the draw for the World Cup in Qatar on Friday as expected in the pot two and could thus already meet a top team in the preliminary round. This results from the new world ranking of the World Association FIFA published on

MSI E-Sport Bundle: 360 Hz Monitor and Gaming

Those who want to be particularly accurate in video games, for which it depends on low latency. NVIDIA offers the action package Reflex, which consists of the latency analyzer, among other things. To use this function, you need the right hardware. The Taiwanese manufacturer MSI has now laced a bundle to play any PC gamer like an E-Sports professional and can also save money. In the package for 568.90 euros ~~ instead of 758.90 euros ~~ are the gaming monitor NXG253rde and the appropriate cable mower MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight V2. With this exclusive bundle, over 200 euros can be saved. If you prefer to wirelessly, for whom the bundle is also available with a wireless version of the Clutch GM41 (about 20 euros more expensive). Table of contents Ergonomics allows for hours of playing & home office The long way to quick click MSI NXGR253RE: Gaming Monitor with 360 Hz Lightweight and precise: MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight What should NVIDIA Reflex & Latency Analyzer? Table of cont