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NBA: Giannis antetokounmpo keeps the nerves and writes story! Brooklyn Nets are subject to extension

Die Milwaukee Bucks haben einen weiteren Eastern-Conference-Showdown für sich entschieden. Bei den Brooklyn Nets siegt der amtierende Champion mit 120:119 nach Verlängerung, weil Giannis Antetokounmpo zweimal die Nerven behält. Brooklyn Nets (40-37) - Milwaukee Bucks (48-29) 119:120 OT (BOXSCORE) Brooklyn Nets treten im Osten auf der Stelle Brooklyn Nets (40-37) - Milwaukee Bucks (48-29) 119:120 OT (BOXSCORE) Antetokounmpo beendete die Partie mit 44 Punkten (14/21 FG, 15/19 FT), 14 Rebounds und 6 Assists, die 8 Turnover waren der einzige Makel einer ansonsten famosen Vorstellung. 3 Sekunden vor dem Ende der Verlängerung war es auch der Grieche, der sich nach drei verwandelten Freiwürfen von Kevin Durant ein Herz nahm, über den kompletten Court stürmte und ein letztes Shooting Foul zog. Auch die anschließenden Freiwürfe saßen, Durants letzter Dreier klatschte nur auf den Ring. Und auch in der Crunchtime des vierten Viertels war der zweifache MVP der entschedende Spieler. 18,7 Sekunde

Hogwarts Legacy Fan designs personalized ps5 consoles

A Legado de Hogwarts Fan has designed some personalized PlayStation consoles to imagine how the new Sony system would look at a touch of Wizarding World. Fans have been anxiously waiting for Hogwarts_ from his revelation by 2020. Not only is the first AAA game set in the Harry Potter universe since the films concluded, but it is a completely new perspective of that world. The game is developed a little over 100 years before the events of the Movies and Books of Harry Potter and follows a new Hogwarts student made to measure. The player can take a variety of decisions to become a good or bad magician and explore the different corners of the Harry Potter universe. Given Legado de Hogwarts seems to have a marketing agreement with PlayStation, a fan imagined how the personalized ps5 consoles would look if they were inspired by the game. Reddit Geraltze user designed 4 different PS5 consoles according to the different Hogwarts houses. Each design is on a black front plate and then the c

[Today's Steam] Death Stranding, Director Cutting

30 days 'Death Stranding Director Cut (Director Cut)', "said the steam, came back to the second place in the world. Although the popularity of the Eldon Ring did not exceed, it is an excellent grades considering that it is a completely not new. Director Cut is an expansion of destransing, which is on July 2020, in July 2020. In addition to introducing public backpacks, cargo launchers, and Buddy bots, we have improved the convenience of shipping, and a number of elements such as new missions, tracks and music, including a shooting range to test various weapons, has been added. In the graphic aspect, it has also been developed. The Intel Machine Running-based System 'XESS (Super Sampling "graphics technology has been applied, which has established a further enhanced graphical environment. In addition, frame enhancement, photo mode, and ultra wide monitor support are included in this directory. The directors cut to maintain a 'very positive' assessmen

Reaction: PS Plus, PS Now relooking is a necessary and positive step for Sony

Image: Push the square There was no way on the Green Land of God that Sony can transmit today PS plus Change of paradigm without a good dose of criticism. Microsoft - The second largest company on the planet with a Warriest of several trillions - changed the game with its Xbox business model, and there is nothing that PlayStation (or least mentioned Nintendo) can do it. This does not, however, make today's news less significant. PS plus, despite all the criticisms it arouses, is one of the most successful PlayStation products in the last decade. The subscription attracts nearly 50 million members, making it the biggest game subscription in progress. It is also, usually, well regarded: the returns go and come with the quality of the "gifts" monthly, but Sony has been able not only to retain users, but also to develop the service on an annual basis - things impressive. PS now has been less successful. Originally designed as a streaming service only, PlayStation ha

Cheap Steam Hit: 3-Euro

The small Indie-Game Vampire Survivors has developed on Steam a tangible phenomenon. But this is not just at the low price, but also at the incredibly motivating game mechanics. Vampire Survivors: an incredible success The Internet loves the indie hit Vampire Survivors: an incredible success More than 65,000 positive reviews on Steam and Fast 27,000 active players at the time of the emergence of this article - the retro survival game Vampire Survivors is a madness success! Above all, this success has two reasons. First of all, the Indie-Game costs of developer PONCLE only 2,39 euros and secondly is the game principle simple, but ingenious . You are looking for a game character and fought after endless hordes in different creatures. Your hero lends on record time and unleashes greater attacks that stretch the entire screen after a few minutes. Doctors your figure, you can buy buffs with the won money, which give you an advantage at the next attempt. This is how fast de

Razer Huntsman Mini Keyboard Review

I love my Razer Huntsman Opto-Mechanical Elite keyboard for two years. It is without a doubt the best keyboard I have ever used. My tendency to swing my mouse while playing shooters has increased dramatically throughout my PC game life. As a result, I envisaged choosing a 60% form factor keypad. The Razer Huntsman Mini offers the best of both worlds with improved optical switches, 40% of additional mouse freedom and much more. Good The bad The Mini Huntsman is outright sexy. The minimalist nature of its design is elegant among all the platforms and, fortunately, it contains all the punch Razer to which I expected. The mini is equipped with 2nd generation linear optical switches of Razer that also work reactively as the old with a considerably reduced acoustics. While the clicks and clicks of the Huntsman Elite were imperceptible when I wore headphones, my friends and my family rusted regularly on their smell. The reduction of the sound of the mini is obtained thanks to silicone

After rocket impact: Formula 1 is jumping to Jidda

The huge rocket attack of the missile attack also hung on the day in the sky near the Formula 1 route from Jidda. But after heavy discussions probably also about a boycott of the drivers, the Grand Prix creators of Saudi Arabia had saved their race at the early Saturday morning. The worried pilots were convincing, the World Association of Fia and the Formula 1 bosses announced: everything continues as planned. shock sits deep Hours-length consultations Ralf Schumacher left The formula 1 and the question of choosing your partners Comprehensive safety guarantees of the Saudi government are the reason for the decision, the FIA ​​and the race series announced together on Saturday. Shortly thereafter, the union of the pilots also transmitted their will to participate in the second seasonal run on Sunday (19.00 clock). Only at 2.30 local time all parties had scored an agreement on Saturday morning. shock sits deep The shock over the impact of a rocket in a few kilometers away Ölanlanlage

FC Bayern threatens hanging portion with Marcel Sabitzer

Marcel Sabitzer could leave FC Bayern after just a single season in the coming summer. The Austrian is said to be extremely dissatisfied with his reservoir roll at the dealers and imagine a timely journal. That should not be that easy. More: Sabitzer wants to leave FC Bayern allegedly Sabitzer relates huge salary to Bayern In recent media reports, it has already been revealed how high the Frustlevel Sabitzers should already be in FC Bayern. Thus, the "picture", citing the family environment, notified that the midfielder is unhappy about his role in the team and a farewell to recompound this year. More: Sabitzer wants to leave FC Bayern allegedly On Thursday, "Picture" football chef Christian Falk in a podcast of the newspaper even once again: Sabitzer should be "highly dissatisfied". This is mainly related to his Bayern allegedlying value within the team as well as his relationship with head coach Julian Nagelsmann. 24 compulsory matches are availa

Fate 2: Hotfix from 22.03. Exists - patch notes as well as information

Beidestiny 2 is on Tuesday, March 22, a server down for hotfix Upkeep on 22.03. - All times as well as server-down This changes with Hotfix in Season 16 Patch Notes for Hotfix in Destiny 2 You have to recognize today: New material additionally bring some possibilities for errors to Destiny 2. Presently, several of them are currently recognized, so that Bungie brings the Hotfix to this Tuesday. The server-down today is also really brief, so that hopefully you do not have to do without betting today. Upkeep on 22.03. - All times as well as server-down Update History for Hotfix 19: 00: Maintenance was planned as well as has simply been completed. Console gamers that have troubles updating to should reactivate their console as well as try to download the update. 18: 00: The update has actually been completed and also will currently be rolled out on all platforms. On the PC, the update has 126.9 MB. 17: 45: ** The maintenance be

"Gran Turismo 7" Metacritic User Score Watch-Is it a source such as car pricing?

The driving simulator latest work " Gran Turismo 7 " released on March 4, but Metacritic from users to lower score reactions are sent out one after another. This work is the latest work of the "Gran Turismo" series, which last for 25 years, and the review by overseas media was highly evaluated as "perfect driving games as close as possible". On the other hand, at the time of the article writing (3/22 12:17), the user score is 1.9 (highly rated: 872, middle: 154, low assessment: 5, 130). Apparently, it seems that there is a specification of this work on the background. First, in this work, regardless of single multi-multi-multi-multiplayer, game play needs to be connected to game play. However, long-term maintenance was conducted on March 17, and the user did not play the game substantially. Furthermore, in the user review, there are many highly expenses for car purchasing, and in this work, we can purchase the currency in the game, and you can also

Elden Ring: Hidden feature brings fans to puzzles

FromSoftware has hidden countless secrets in Elden Ring, which are often behind the famous apparel walls. A fan, however, came across a wall, which was provided with an extra knee. The community is now puzzling whether it is a new feature or just a mistake. Elden Ring: Fan discovers a new style of the sham wall Bug or feature? ELDEN ring player speculate Elden Ring: Fan discovers a new style of the sham wall The Reddit user Teristam finds a hidden feature in Elden Ring that could change the entire game. In a video he shows how he opens a Pale Wand in Haus Volcano . In contrast to their other counterparts in the world, however, he does not need a blow, but whole 50. The sham walls are now an old Souls tradition. Many players have become accustomed to "dressing" on suspicious-looking walls. Of course, the new wall brings up this tactic. After all, now everywhere in Elden Ring, secrets could be hidden, which the fans can only discover if they hit every single wall in the g

Racism Sklat in the series A

After suspected racist insults during the football match between Cagliari Calcio and Table leaders AC Milan, the Italian judiciary examines reports. The fans of the Sardinian club should have insulted the 1-0 Away Victory Milan in Serie A on 19 March the French AC-Keeper Mike Maignan and defender Fikayo Tomori racist, reported the "Gazzetta dello Table leaders". At the end of the game, the players of both teams have therefore brought themselves in minutes. The public prosecutor of the Italian Football Association Figc had initiated by the case, wrote the news agency ANA citing association sources. "This series A game day was destined to oppose racism, but we still have a long way to us and we must continue to fight together," tweTe AC Milan.

The details of the AEW video game finally emerge, confirming popular mode and editor status

AEW announced for the first time in November 2020 that had been associated with Ex WWE 2k Developer Yuke's and WWF without Merc and Director Hideyuki «Geta» Iwashita to develop the first promotion console game on all major platforms. News and updates on the game and its release date have been scarce, but Sean Ross Sapp's Selection fighter managed to discover some details about his development on Thursday. SAP confirmed that the game will have a history mode, one created by a combination of Wrestlers from the AEW list and members of the Yuke team that helped create the history modes for the smackdown against Raw Games. It was also noted that, although Yuke's will be developing, the game editor has not yet been announced and more details about the game are expected to be disclosed once you have an editor. WarnerMedia, with which AEW is currently associated for its weekly episodes of AEW DINAMITA and ABOROTO of AEW , owns a video game editor at Warner Bros. Interactiv

Dead Space: Neuer Release

A few days ago, Electronic Arts and the EA Motive team organizes a livestream with more information about the Remake of Dead Space . The focus of the transmission was above all the new audio design , which is completely revised for the new edition. Here also brand new Gameplay was released to the game. Fresh view of the remake of Dead Space, streaming event is on Dead Space: Does the remake come earlier than previously? The new Alive system of Dead Space Original sounds from Dead Space are optimized Dead Space Remake appears a little later The new Alive system of Dead Space Among other things, the highlights of the remakes in the audio area include the ALIVE system , the EA motif brings into play. This is an abbreviation for Adrenaline, Limbic System Response, Intelligent Dialogue, Vitals and Extertions. In detail, the team wants to achieve that protagonist isaac sounds much more realistic for the player. For the first time, Isaac will speak in remake. Original sounds from

Wow: Tazavesh still too heavy

With the division of Tazavesh and whose implementation in the mythical-plus system of WOW , the developers have made a whole series of players happy. Finally there was replenishment with the mythical dungeons and a greater variety. With the balancing of the two parts, however, the developers are belonging in addition. In the first days of the third season, both the miraculous roads as well as so'lah's chess train were almost unplayable. This was followed by a whole series of more or less violent Nerfs , which also showed effect. Nevertheless, the two parts of Tazavesh also remain a whole corner more heavily than the eight previous dungeons. Now the developers are apparently enough and packing with the hotfixes for the new ID (March 16, 2022) the thick Nerf club. Instead of turning here and there a little, the life points and damage numbers are drastically reduced. Tazavesh-Nerf Especially so'lah's chess train gets various nerfs missed, which should make life easi

The gunk trailer presents a beautiful world you want to save

On all the games announced in the July Xbox Showcase - including the return of one of my favorite Xbox exclusive franchises, fable - very few had few... finally, gameplay. Although there is undoubtedly a lot of reasons to be excited (like Fable), many of them served more teaser of what to expect from kinematics or atmosphere (fable. Force with a gloriously animated fairy devoured by a toad while being sneakily narrated by Stephen Fry.) From those who repair gameplay trailer, The Gunk stood out like one of the best. Although the details of the story are relatively thin in the field, we know that your heroin investigates a planet assaulted by a mysterious and corrosive oozing. Fortunately, she is armed with a hand vacuum that she can use to suck dirt, giving life to her environment. First of all, the game looks Magnificent, _ and it is clear that image developers and form games are taking full advantage of the power of the next generation of consoles. It is caricatural in the best

State of Play: Date and time of Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy event, with 15 minutes from GamePlay

It has been waiting but, finally it is official! PLAYSTATION has put a date and time to a new state of play , which will be very special, because we will finally know more about Hogwarts Legacy, the new video game based on the world of Harry Potter. It will be on March 17 at 22:00 (peninsular hours) and will be meant to offer the first novelties of the game developed by Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. Games. The event will last one 20 minutes and will show, for the first time, 14 minutes of gameplay of the game running on PS5 . Members of the study will give the keys to a very anticipated adventure, since the trailer of filing has more than 28 million reproductions on YouTube. The event can be followed in E L TWITCH channel or YouTube from PlayStation and, of course, from MGG we will tell you all the details, since it is one of the most anticipated adventures by the wording and also for you, the Readers Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy was scheduled for 2021 but his delay wa

After trainers at Hertha BSC: Hamann wishes Magath

The message about the exemption of the unsuccessful head coach Tayfun Korkut at Football Bundesligaister Hertha BSC had no longer surprised on Sunday morning. The Berliner had played too bad for months, too disappointing was the performance on Saturday night at Borussia Mönchengladbach (0: 2). After Bundesligaister Herthaing board Fredi Bobic had been able to say, when deciding on his succession solution thoroughness to want to want to wane before speed, the rubbish kitchen was really fueled. Who should now take over for the last eight league games as a new head coach for the last eight league games, after the capital club had fallen on Saturday on the direct relegation platform? The longtime national player Dietmar Hamann spoke in the football talk show "Sky90" for Old Master Felix Magath as a new Hertha head coach: "You can not get a fetch in the event that you descend. You have to do everything that you are in the League stay, "Hamann said at the TV station

Bochum: Leitsch's emotional week with crowning degree

Already immediately after the final whistle on Wednesday, when Leitsch in the 120th minute with his too short return to Manuel Riemann had caused the defeat, the "Leitsch" language choirs were heard everywhere at the Castroper Straße. "I got a lot of encouragement - that was really incredible" "Do still have a few points collect" - Bochum passes past the eagles? Also against the SPVGG Greuther Fürth showed the 20,000 spectators that they would stand behind their protégé - and the 23-year-old paid immediately. After Eduard Löwens free kick to the aluminum, Leitsch was full of gold and pressed the ball over the line (35.). "I got a lot of encouragement - that was really incredible" "That I just after the mistake a game then my first Bundesligator make, in such an important game, is of course Mega," the center defendant showed himself at the "Sky" microphone overjoyed. What a roller coaster ride of the feelings, still thr

Pokémon Go: Player should change offending name after 6 years

On Reddit, players Spectter017 composes that he now needed to change his name. Also the new name did not fit the programmers and also they are major: if the following name is likewise offending, they bother him. At the end of the struggle, private players will be highlighted for their accomplishments - with coach name. Apparently, the function ended up being a player for a player. He played Pokémon Go given that the first day as well as brought a "unique" name. Now a player was reported and required by Niantic to change the name. Affected player "Can not think it" The coach explains: "I can not believe it. After practically 6 years somebody has finally reported me. I have actually played because day 1 and also ultimately needed to change my name. It went well." What does the coach claim? On RedDit Spectter017 shows 3 screenshots. The initial reveals its name "COKTIMUSPRIME", which is a sexually offensive change in the name Optimus Pri

Great tourism 7: All the trophies of the game, the road to get the platinum

Great tourism 7 is here is here, the return of the driving simulation saga par excellence at PlayStation . A game that, as we tell you in our analysis, is at a huge level, and you will have it without being able to stop completing new challenges, either complete the cards, get all the cars and win the maximum possible racing as possible. So, it's probably that without realizing you want to go for all the trophies to get the platinum . Here we bring you the full list so that you may be clear about what you have to do to overcome that goal and reach the goal as soon as possible. ## all the trophies of great tourism 7 Bronze Trophies Silver trophies Gold Trophies Platinum Trophy

Elden Ring - Update 1.02.2 that corrects and improves performance: patch notes in Spanish

Despite many praise for Elden Ring, its launch was not exempt from errors and performance problems. Fortunately, developers are not of the type that hides and shows their credentials with respect to the various difficulties that players find . It is with great transparency that the next corrections announce and maintain their promises when it comes to providing improvements. Elden Ring 1.02.2 patch notes (PC) Notes of the patch of Elden Ring 1.02.2 (PS5) For several days, PC players had had trouble overcoming one of the final bosses, the giant fire , because it caused blockages. In addition, in certain areas of the game high latencies were detected. For players of PlayStation 5, a problem ** automatic saving was enough to shudder if your console entered into rest mode. Until yesterday, multiplayer complications were present, which prevented players from convening their teammates or even invading other Sinluz. From now on, these many errors related to online services have been so

Nintendo Switch 2 seemingly filtered

Nintendo Switch 2, or at least the successor of the Nintendo Switch Standard , Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED, may have been filtered recently. By filtering, we mean that something has emerged that points to existence not only a new Nintendo console, but specifically a successor of the switch. What has not been filtered is the name of the console, how it looks, when it will be launched, how much it will cost or anything important you want to know. That said, it seems that we finally have evidence to deny the rumors that you are working on a SWITCH successor and possibly not far from its launch. The new speculation is courtesy of the source code of NVIDIA DLSS, which mentions "NVN2". Why is this relevant? Well, because «NVN» is used to refer to Nintendo Switch. Putting a "2" after this indicates a new and different product and, more specifically, a successor of the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, this is all that can be derived from the files.