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More than 120 titles are added to the sale for Nintendo Switch. Sexy individuality titles are cheap

Nintendo E-Shops have a sales title for Nintendo Switch every day. On February 3, more than 120 titles were subject to sale today. In this paper, we will introduce some pickups from the top of the sale currently. In addition, the selling period of the introduction title is the shortest and until February 6th. It should be noted that the sale period is different for each title.

BEST 120+ Nintendo Switch ESHOP DEALS LIVE NOW, GREAT END OF YEAR ESHOP SALE! (Compilation Video)

As a large title, the power-up version "Limit convex flag Seven pirates H" of the sexy RPG required for accurate hairdressing is 20% off at a launch sale of 3800 yen. A 3D action game "Sponge Bob: Battle for Bikini Bottom-Rehydrated" is 30% off by 30% off 3D action games that can be enjoyed by Japanese dubbing with the same voice actor as TV animation. Search Action RPG "Indivision Beautiful Darkness" is 60% off 1980 yen for fighting action RPG "Indivision Big Darkness". Clear 350 or more puzzles and collect illustrations and songs "Hatsune Miku Logic Paint S" is 20% off 1200 yen. Turn-based strategy simulation game with an expansion pack or four DLCs "XCOM 2 collection" is 75% off 1512 yen.

A monster with a block of blocks in the block of blocks Making action RPG "Portal Knights" is 60% off 1452 yen. Every time you defeat the enemy, Log Like RPG "Omegalavian Life" is 60% off 3430 yen. Western drama gunshuting action game "WILD GUNS RELOADED" that the development staff at that time is half a half price of 900 yen. Devil's Creator with Heroes Devil's Creative Action RPG "Magram Road" is half-price 3200 yen. A turn-based strategy game "Sidomayers Civilization VI" aiming at the leader who leaves the history of the history is 990 yen of 70% off.

As an indie title, the number of memories from the cardboard box is taken out one by one, and the packing puzzle game "UNPACKING unpacking" is 20% off. An adventure game "Nostalgic Train" on a beautifully nostalgic Japanese countryside landscape is 25% off 1110 yen. Search for search type 2D action RPG "Vigil: The Longest Night" influenced by "Salt and Sanctuary" and "Devil Castle Dracula" is 40% off 1374 yen. A game center management shim "Game Center Club" that can also set up the strength of the arm and the probability of leaving the medal is 20% off 1200 yen. Golf Adventure Game "Golf Club Wasteland" offers 20% off the Golf Adventure Game "Golf Club Wasteland" with a golf after humanity destruction.

Points and click type adventure games "Genesis Noir" to travel space-time and space to save longing Diva's lives 988 yen off 35% off. Complete 100 types or more handmade lunch puzzle puzzle games "Inbento: Inventou" is 40% off 300 yen. A factory management sim "Little Big Workshop" that assembles a variety of products and assembling various products is 1798 yen off. The girl stands on the devil of the girl, the deck construction game "Iris and Giant" is sold for half price of 920 yen.

Besides introduced in this paper, many works are in sale at Nintendo E-Shop. It would be nice if I have a title that I wanted to play or I would like to see the sale page.


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