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How to go through the ruins of the relics "Non-Summer" in Horizon Forbidden West?

Some of the new tests added to the Horizon Forbidden West map are ruins of relics. Ruins of relics can be found across the entire map, and players will have to solve puzzles with obstacles and bypassing, to find a collection of collectibles stored in each of the ruins. The steps that will need to be taken to complete ruins of relics: draw land listed below:

  • Step 1 : Enter the main structure of the Relic Ruin. This can be done by going left from the locked door, which the players should notice when the first approach to the ruins.
  • Step 2 : Standing face to open courtyard Ruins, players must see the box to the left of themselves and the point for capturing over them to the right. The box can be dragged to the capture point to climb the top of the yard. Step 3 : Bypassing the upper yard, players must stumble upon the Filelam collection. They need to use igniter Improve the spear to run FireGeleam. Step 4 : As soon as the fiery light breaks the hole in the wall, go inside. On the other side of the room there will be a platform to which players should get. This can be done with sprint jumps, and a timely glider can also help overcome an additional distance.
  • Step 5 : After moving through the abyss, players should see a locked door with a collectible item ruins to the right of themselves. Players must go to the left in the corridor with a box that you can push. Grasp the box and push it back into the gap, through which you just jumped over. It should fall into the water below.

No Man's Land Relic Ruin | Horizon Forbidden West Relic Ruin Walkthrough Step 6 : Jump into the gap, where you just pushed the box, and look right. There must be a blue dot of the hook to which the pullcaster can be attached. Use tractors and destroy the wall to open the corridor behind it. Step 7 : Following this corridor, players must return to the street with a Filedleam site near the exit. Run FireGeleam using the Igniter module. It should also open another room behind the wall. Step 8 : Inside the players must find the energy cell. It will be needed to open a locked door containing the item collecting Ruins. The energy cell will be depleted by default, and it will need to recharge, before it can be used. Take this energy cell and come back inside. Step 9 : As soon as the player returned inside with the battery, it must find the charger. It can be found at the level below the platform on which players entered. Apply the battery to this charger and insert it. * Step 10 : As soon as the power cell is charged, the players will need to ship it on the water to the port of the power cell to open the door. The power cell port can be found directly on the opposite side of the room through water. A fully charged battery element cannot be walking along the water, as it releases the charge when it becomes wet. To get around this, players must use the box, which they threw into the water in step 5. Move the box to the platform with the battery and throw it on the box. * Step 11 : Use tractors to move the box with a power member on water, or move the box manually so that the power element successfully passes through the water without touching water. * Step 12 : As soon as the power cell reached the other side, players can connect it to the port of the power cell that will be powered by a previously locked door over them. There will also be a data point that players can scan to find Door code ( 2204 ), which will also be needed to open the door. Step 13 : The next step is to return to the locked door. This can be done, moving the box to the capture points on the right side of the platform and bouncing, or returned to the initial entry mentioned in step 4, and again jumping through the abyss. * Step 14 : Players will have to enter the door code (2204), which is mentioned in step 12, at the door to open it. This will be the last stage of Relic Ruins: No Man's Land. Then players will be able to enter and get their award.

Where to find Ruins Reliques: Nonade

That Ruins of relics: draw land Most likely, it will be the second Relic Ruin with which the players will face Horizon Forbidden West. It can be found south-west of fruitless light and southeast of the first long-haired players faced.

where to find the door code

The execution of the steps described above should lead to the fact that players will receive the door from the door (2204), which is mentioned in step 12. The door code can be obtained already in step 4 if the players go straight to the data point.

How to deliver a power cell on water

After detection, the power member must be fully charged, and then move over the wetlands without getting worsted to open the door. If the players perform the steps described above, they must be able to safely move the power cell along the water using the mobile box, which is mentioned in step 5.

What is the reward for Relic Ruins: No Man's Land?

All Ruins Relics in Horizon Forbidden West will lead to the fact that players will receive decorations. What decorations will receive players depends on the completed ruins of relics. The Relic Ruins: No Man's Land will reward players Ornament: draw land .

These decorations are used later in the game when players reach the camps in Las Vegas, and also completing the Quest "Nights". Players can redeem decorations, talking to NPC by name Stemur, which can turn the decorations in a beautiful light show. These collected items are cosmetic and will not have a great effect on the gameplay.

Interested in ruins of relics in Horizon Forbidden West and want to know more? Learn how to go through the ruins of the relics "The Daunt Relic" in Horizon Forbidden West? In professional guidelines for the game!


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