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Dying Light 2 Quest Guide: find rose garden

In this Quest Guide to Dying Light 2 you will learn:

  • How to get to the quest "Rosengarten"
  • Where you can find the glass house
  • Which reward expects you

In Dying Light 2: Stay Human there are some hidden side quests. Mostly you will find you on the roofs of Old Villedor, where your inhabitant meets the Aiden ask for help. In this guide, we show you the solution to "Rosengarten", a touching side quest, which is particularly lucrative for beginners.

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Where can I find the quoter for the side quest "Rosengarten"?

The quester for the side quest "Rosengarten" awaits you in the Quarry End, the Southern Municipality of Old Villedor . You can already start the quest as soon as Hakon dismisses "the only way out" during the quest "The only way out". Get from the PK station in the center of Quarry End from about a hundred meters to the northwest.

Climb on the Blue Tower with the inscription "Cadet Academy" and talk to Peter. When he tells of the dried rose he has retained, the dialogue option "That would definitely make them happy" and the quest begins. You should bring Peter's flower to an old lady in a glasshouse.

Where can I find the Glasthaus in Old Mount Street?

Run for about 150 meters across the roofs to the south. If you have already found the paraglider (guide), you can choose the area from the air. Otherwise, the Nightrunner binoculars help. Looking for a high point in the marked quest area and looks for a red brick villa with a covered roof look - a glasshouse, as it describes Peter, seeks you in vain.

The building that says the quoter is a red brick cultivation with a semi-round, completely dirty dome. It is on the back of the villa attached and not visible. There is no direct access. The area around the villa is occupied by zombies. So climbs as far as possible over the roofs and lanterns to the house when you want to miss a fight. The entrance can be found on the west side under the dilated balcony.

How do I find the old lady in the glasshouse?

Go through the front door and right into the greenhouse. On the table next to the body is a note, the artifact collecting object "Letter - Helen confession" . Lest the letter and you will learn more about the connection between Peter and the old lady. Interacts with the body and Aiden the "flowerame" lays the rose on the lap. Before you leave the glasshouse, collects the valuable poppy and the honey as well as the remaining resources in the room.

Dying Light 2: What reward I get for the side quest "Rosengarten"?

Return to Peter and talk to him about the flowerame. Aiden gives him the letter and you will receive the unique value item "Helens Rosen necklace" as a reward. For the dealers on the free market you get a stately sum of gold coins. It's best to reinve you immediately in resources. Why this can be a great help above all at the beginning, you read in our tips guide to Dying Light 2.

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