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Dying Light 2 Buchklub

In this Quest Guide to Dying Light 2 you will learn:

  • Wherever you unlock the bookclub quest
  • How to find all the books
  • Which rewards wait for you

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Dying Light 2: Stay Human is full of side quests. One of them makes Aiden at member of the book club and brings some culture into all the slaughter of Zombie Apocalypse. We show you where you unlock the book club quest and finds all missing works.

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Where can I find the book club side quest in Dying Light 2?

In the floating PK fortress of The Wharf (Central Ring) you meet Albert, the librarian. His library is in the lowest deck near the master craftsman. Albert asks you for help with a task: You should obtain the most valuable works of world literature to preserve them for future generations. The books are scattered in various abandoned apartments and stores in the central ring. Overall, you have to find eight books on five places.

Where can I find the two books in the Quest Buchclub 1?

The first book is located in an apartment north of the windmill "Magnolie" in the district of the Wharf. Climbs over the courtyard on one of the balconies and rises over the open window. Then you sneak through the zombie-contaminated apartment in the corner room in the west overlooking the S-Bahn station. There hanging a shelf on the wall, on the the Bible is located.

Book number two is located in the northwest of The Wharf, about 150 meters northwest from the location of the Bible. Cross the S-Bahn station, run through the underpass and crosses the apartment complex direction northwest. The building is located directly next to the subway station Waterside . Where you can find all the remaining fast travel points in Dying Light 2 (Guide), you read in the linked article.

Climbs over the truck in front of the house on the balcony and cheats the apartment. From there, the second room right (bedroom) continues and turn left. The book "Andersens fairy tale" is located on the small box in the corner. Bring the books to Albert back and part of two of the book club starts.

Bookclub 2: How to find every four books

Speak with Albert's assistant Thalia. The dialog options do not play a major role. The first book is located in the east of the New Dawn Park district. On the adjacent military item you climbs on the balcony and reached the apartment through the broken window. Go to the first room right, the zombies do and take the Tibetan book of the dead below from the sideboard on which the big speaker box stands. The collected works William Shakespeares lie in the large office in the folder shelf on the left side of the wall.

Read next to the north of the district of Muddy Grounds. The apartment is located in the large residential complex with the yellow staircase and balcony railing. North rises to the building until you stand in the open door. On the left side of the kitchen, you will find "thousandon night" in the bookshelf. In the nearest room is a sideboard next to the door. This is "the Gilgamesch epic".

Bookclub 3: The locations of the last two works

In the third round of cheerful book picking, it takes you again after Muddy Grounds. This time in an abandoned shop in the north. The manifesto of the Communist Party lies on a roller wardrobe at the end of the back room to the right of the cash register. Then go to the upper floor and follows the course. The Bhagavad Gita is located on the right wardrobe under the Blue Jacket.

What reward do I get for the secondary mission bookclub?

In addition to a few background information on the collected works, you will receive 250 experience points (EP) for each released bookclub quest per 250 experience points (EP) for Aidden. How your Aiden is optimally improved, you read in our Skill Guide to Dying Light 2.

In addition, Albert is managed for each set of books a drug . After the third mission, the librarian explains that there is no new booklist for the time being, but he would like to report at Aiden soon. So you can assume that there will be quest replenishment from the library.

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