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PS5 firmware update is there - 914 MB Pure Performance

PS5's owners are allowed to look forward to a new firmware update for their Next-Gen console. But a look at the patches reveals a single set, the PlayStation fans have already known for many years — and that ensures a winking nostalgia in the community. But first the basics.

How big is the download? The update 21.02-04.50.00 is economical 914 MB large and should be downloaded quickly.

Where can you download the update? The update is either directly on your console or manually on the PlayStation Support page.

What is the new PS5 update?

patch notes

Who expects extensive changes or new features, will be disappointed here. Instead, the change log comes with a traditional sentence therefore most of you already know each other:

This update improves system performance

Fans gained old memes from the moth box

This calls reminders of the good old PS4 time awake, in which such performance updates with a single sentence over the years became a popular Yemen in the community. Under the Announcement Post in the Reset era Forum, users also plunge directly to the legendary improved system performance.

Toyoda writes: I guess, the Stability Update Meme is probably also downwards compatible. Mainstay calls the new update to a wink 914 MB Pure Performance Stability. Also on Reddit, the patches encounter smile. You feel properly stability, writes Lorac1134. And of course, no stability update news would be complete without the all-way popular and now easily modified GIF.

In fact, however, the PS4 has also gotten a new update. And that brings — you already get it — Improved System Performance.

What does the last big update offer?

The PS5 was recently spoiled with a large update, which offers more than mere stability. Most recently, there were M2 SSD memory expansion for more storage space, 3D audio support and many interface and app customizations. All major innovations have been summarized here:

116 10

more on the subject

PS5 Firmware Update | Will Samsung 980 Pro See A Speed Increase | Sony Update Read Speed Test

PS5: Everything about the current big system update

But there were also some hidden changes, talking about the fans. The best changes that you may have not discovered, we have listed you in a separate article.

What changes would you wish for the next PS5 update? Betray us in the comments!


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