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New patch in Diablo 2 Resurrected fixes over 110 bugs: Is the agony finally over?

On December 2, DIABLO 2 Resurrected received a new update for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. The patch 2.3 came down with a short server and has fixed a pile of problems and brought improvements. One thing is particularly pleased by the players: Snakes that now cause poison damage

That's the location:

Diablo 2 received a long-privileged update with patch 2.3 Some of the most discussed changes are bug fixes in grave vipers and a Nerf for the sorceress Generally, the patch comes well — players are now waiting for the ladder appears.

Diablo 2 Resurrected - Huge Patch Summary, Nerfs, Bug Fixes, Changes. What's in the patch? In the official patch Notes are well over 110 bug fixes and further improvements to find. The update was awaited hot because Diablo 2 had to fight with problems after releasing. It was published in the evening from Thursday, December 2nd.

Part of the community was believed that Diablo 2 is not ready for upcoming content in this state. With the big update 2.3, however, many problems are fixed. One thing is especially highlighting and is being discussed again and again.

Patch Fix annoying snakes and Nerf popular class

This is especially good: The grave vipers in the halls of Vaught (Nihlathaks Temple, Act v), now cause poisoned physical damage with their clouds. This change ensures relief for many players.

The reactions range from: Can not wait for my servants to die anymore to: Is the agony finally over? Previously, there was another mistake with vipers, through which they have caused much more damage than planned.

Why was that important? The halls are a popular farm spot for magical objects. However, vipers have added all players as they could simply destroy characters as servants and mercenaries.

By harming too often, almost everything has been destroyed by the clouds. In addition, physical damage can only be reduced to up to 50%. Gift damage can be reduced to up to 95%.

What changes at the sorceress? The update also changed the effectiveness of the sorceress, one of the 7 classes of Diablo 2. Here, a mistake was overhear, caused by the stacked fire walls more damage than planned.

According to players, this bug was a way to make more builds playable. Through the Nerf it is harder to kill bosses like Baal (via However, appropriate builds are not completely unplayable.

If you want to watch more about the class, you will find here on Mango 2 strong builds for the sorceress and how you play and uses:

Better performance and accessibility

This is still in the patch: The developers have solved some bugs that have hitherto led to crashes. Diablo 2 should now run smoothly on all platforms and cause less problems in multiplayer.

The control was also improved. Error, such as filling the belt with controller use, should no longer occur. Features like the / No pickup command work correctly for controller use on the PC.

You can now also enable another skill bar with Quick-Cast via the settings. Already to release there was a greater discussion about the hotkeys in the game. This concerns especially PC players. On console, you can now set a higher level of difficulty in offline mode.

In addition, NVIDIA DSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) is now supported. By appropriate settings you can improve your graphics and performance if your device supports the feature.

We have linked the full patch notes with all the bug fixes in English here for you:

Patch Notes for the PC of Blizzard Patch Notes for Xbox and PlayStation from Blizzard

How does it continue? At the moment fans are still waiting for the ladder — quasi the Seasons of Diablo 2. They should be replenished after the release, but are still missing. The community was so far believed that the game was not so far.

With the patch 2.3 but a big step is done in the direction of the ladder. Whether even more problems need to be resolved, shows itself in the near future. Until then, however, several hardcore fans already do without a ladder already do enough:

Player cocks almost 2 months for the Holy Grail in Diablo 2 Resurrected — breaks record


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