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Battlefield 2042: Can you rise from solo level? answered

Warhammer 40,000 (commonly abbreviated in Warhammer 40k, Wage, or merely 40k) is a game of figurines generated because 1987 by the company Gaming Workshop, as well as located in a globe of Dystopic dream fiction. Produced by Rick Priestley in 1987 as a futuristic expansion of Warhammer Dream Battle, Warhammer 40,000 shares a great deal of his video game devices with his older. Extensions for Warhammer 40,000 are published from time to time, which provide city combat policies, earth seats as well as massive battling. The video game is currently in its ninth edition, published in July 2020. Gamers can set up and paint thumbnail 28 mm porcelain figurines that stand for advanced soldiers, creatures and also war cars. These porcelain figurines are collected to make up armadas in armies that can be opposed to those of various other gamers. Each player brings a variety of equal units on a provided battlefield, the table on the ground, in a design produced by hand or gotten in the commerce.

The year in Shooters: 2021 was really called

Hallo Infinite is a first-person shooter game established by 343 Industries and released by Xbox Video game Studios. It is the 6th mainline access in the Halo collection, as well as the third in the Reclaimer Saga complying with Halo 5: Guardians (2015). The project complies with the human super soldier Master Principal as well as his battle against the enemy Eliminated on the Forerunner ring world Zeta Halo, also recognized as Installation 07. Unlike previous installations in the collection, the multiplayer section of the game is free-to-play. Infinite was originally planned to be launched as a launch title with the Xbox Series X/S on November 10, 2020, however was postponed in August 2020. Complying with an open beta release of the multiplayer part on November 15, 2021, accompanying the franchise's 20th wedding anniversary, the campaign was launched for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on December 8, 2021. Hallo Infinite usually received desirable reviews from cri

The Batman: new images of the terrific villains of the film

The Batman, the new film about DC's dark knight, is one of the great cinematographic events of 2022 and on the occled Greation of this hled Great led Great quality by social networks. Its director, Matt Reeves, hled Great dropped on more than one occled Greation that we are before the most terrifying version ever seen from the character and, seen what wled Great seen in catches, may be right. The images are not focused on the new version of the bat that will interpret Robert Atkinson, but on the enemies to which he will face, led Great Riddler and the Penguin , to whom they will give life Paul Dan and Colin Farrell respectively. Both seek to be chilling to the point that the character of Edward Sigma is bled Greated on the famous Zodiac killer more than in their Alter Ego of comics, while that of Oswald Cobble pot is inspired by the Godfather. In the snapshots there is also space for Zoe Gravity on the skin of Selina Kyle (who on this occled Greation will not be called Cat woma

Coming Zombie Hit brings even strong gaming

The Heavenly Vision, additionally understood as Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (the first to the hymn), is a Christian hymn written by Helen Hogarth Lemuel. Anyone who has seen the first gameplay scenes of Dying Light 2 knows that the new zombie hit looks damn good. But that has its price, at least on the PC. A look at the official system requirements reveals that even a high-end computer seems to reach its limits — at least when players set to ray tracing. Dying Light 2: High System Requirements Shock PC Player Actually, Dying Light should appear at the beginning of 2020, then the shift took place on December 2021. Also, this appointment could not hold the team of developer studio Tech land and therefore announced a few months ago that one must move the release again on February 4, 2022. After all, there was as a reparation almost two weeks to see new gameplay material. Now you have finally known the system requirements for PC players. And they have it in themselves — at least if you

Red-white Erfurt gets Jena

The FC red-white Erfurt has taken another offensive player with Rosario Harrell. The 23-year-old moves from the U23 of the FC Carl Zeiss Jena to the state capital. Previously, Harrell played OK Leipzig for the Regionalists OK Leipzig and the AFC Meuselwitz. For Jena, the former U-national player Albania scored twelve goals in the Nofv-Oberliga SUD as well as a hit for the regional league team in the current season. With Rosario Harrell, we get another talented and capable player who is at a sophisticated and flexible in the offensive. With his former stations, he has already demonstrated several times his goalkeeping, says Managing Director Franz Gerber about the transfer coup.

Pre-order Dying Light 2 At-Pegi: Buy Deluxe Edition with SteelBook now [Advertisement]

On February 4, 2022, Dying Light 2 Stay Human appears. Despite some shifts, according to the developer, the game should not become a fiasco such as Cyberpunk on the PS4 and Xbox One. Also, on these older consoles Dying Light 2 is to run very well. The new console renal can look forward to 60 fps and ray tracing. In Dying Light 2 you once again go to zombie and infected hunting. The Open World offers a gameplay mix of parkour maneuvers and martial close fighting. Overall, the focus on the story should be greater than in the first part. Of course, it's about the possible demise in the world. This is the pre-order bonus: As a bonus, there is a skin set consisting of these parts. Reload outfit Reload Weapon Skin Reload Cardholder Skin Note: last An announcement of 17 December 2021 will not give any US disc version in Germany. The game should only appear digitally in a special version. However, the disc version is currently listed at Amazon and on the official site of the game.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human: USK

Only beginning of the month has reported Tech land that Dying Light 2: Stay Human (from 59.99 € at pre-order) reached the so-called Gold Status and thus the publication on February 4, 2022 nothing in the way Stage. Now there is small bad news for players in Germany: After messages based on newsletters, which are based on newsletters numerous mail-order traders (including Games only, this newsletter is also available to us), in which the title of this is only cut and only digitally available will be, we asked Tech land for an opinion. They came promptly and is unfortunately not positive: Tech land announces a special version of the Open World Action Role-playing game Dying Light 2 Stay Human, which is published only in digital form for the German market. Despite numerous attempts and with the exclusion of all the legal means available to the company, the Uncut version Not the required US classification to be published in Germany. The US stunted the version adapted for the German

The new MEffects Effect will leave the FrostBite engine and will return to Unreal Engine

MEffects Effect is a sci-fi media franchise business created by CEffectey Hudson, Drew Karpyshyn and also Preston Watamaniuk. The franchise portrays a long run where humankind and several unusual civilizations have conquered the Galaxy utilizing technology seemingly left behind by an innovative precursor human being. The franchise originated in a collection of computer game created by BioWare and also published by Electronic Arts. Each installation is a third-person shooter with role-playing elements. The initial 3 video games form a trilogy in which the player character, Commander Shepard, attempts to conserve the galaxy from a race of old, hibernating devices understood Effect the Reapers. The inaugural video game in the collection, MEffects Effect (2007), adheres to Shepard's examination of San Arteries, among the Reapers' representatives. MEffects Effect 2 (2010) begins 2 years later on Effect well Effect sees Shepard's forces battling the Collectors, an unusual race s

FC Bayern: Pavard talks about his future - and hopes for Coman and Tolisso

Bavaria defender Benjamin Award has expressed itself to his future and explains that he could not make a change in advance. Currently my focus is on Munich, said the Frenchman in the interview with the Kicker. At the same time he emphasized that he would also want a whereabout of his national team colleagues Corentin Polish and Kingsley Coman at FCB. I hope I can play with both, as long as I am in Munich, said Award. Award is currently very happy with his role in Bavaria after his own statement. According to statistics, I play regularly, so I feel as a regular player. We have a hard competition on every position, but that forces me to work harder every day and bring my best performance — in training or during the games, he led out. The contract of the 25-year-old, who was always in the starting eleven in the past few weeks, runs until 2024. Bayern's players with most BL inserts FC Bayern: Award talks about his position At the same time, Award talked about his position. My be

Dying Light 2: A sectioned version appears in Germany

Dying Light 2 is a first-person action video game of the Scary Survival genre, a follow-up to its predecessor located 15 years later on, starring a new character called Aiden Caldwell. It will be released on February 4, 2022. If the open-world action game Dying Light 2 on February 4, 2022: Stay Human appears, is merely a truncated version used in Germany to market. This is clear from a press release of competent developer Tech land. Thus, the team had until recently been trying to get an ESB rating for the uncut version. Why is there Dying Light 2 in Germany as a cut version? As Tech land explains, the original plan was also to publish the open-world action game uncut in Germany. (: US short) does not match that in this country is responsible for age-classification of computer and video games, however here the entertainment software self-control played. In the press release from Tech land says on this point: Despite numerous attempts and the maximum of the company available legal

NBA: Top Scorer Theis not enough

Despite numerous Corona failures, Brooklyn Nets have won against the Philadelphia 76ers. Once again Kevin Durant overnighted at the 114: 105 on Thursday evening (local time) with 34 points, eleven rebounds and eight templates and led the Nets to the 21st victory this season (eight defeats). Already the first game after the positive test of Co-Star James Harden, the Nets had won against the Toronto Raptors on Tuesday. Thus, they continued to strengthen the top spot in the Eastern Conference. At 103: 116 of the Houston Rockets against the New York Knicks, a strong performance of Daniel Thesis, Index did not reach the victory of the Texans. This came to 22 points and ten templates and was in both categories of best man of his team. For the Rockets it was the 20th defeat of the season, the knicks finished a series of previously four bankruptcies. At the top of Western Conference, the Phoenix Suns moved through a 118: 98 against Washington Wizards right away with the Golden State War

New Zombie Hit forces even the strongest gaming

Dying Light is a first-person activity game from the category scary of survival, which is created during a zombie apocalypse. It was established by Tech land and also published by Detector Bros. Interactive Home entertainment, having its release day on January 27, 2015, on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux and also, later, December 16, 2016, on macOS Platforms. Even the first gameplay trailers have shown that the upcoming zombie hit dying light 2 graphically has a lot on the box. But those who want to turn all settings on the PC for maximum, should name a true high-end PC — because the system requirements have it. Dying Light 2: RTX 3080 for Full HD and 60 FPS? Actually, Dying Light should appear at the beginning of 2020, then the shift took place on December 2021. Also, this appointment could not hold the team of developer studio Tech land and therefore announced a few months ago that one must move the release again on February 4, 2022. After all, there was as

Starfield, the next Bethesda Great RPG for Xbox Series and PC, will come with dubbing to Spanish

Original text too short. We have not yet seen a single gameplay, but we have known new details of Star field, the new Open World RPG of Bethesda that will arrive at 2022 to PC and Xbox Series, with very good news. It seems, the game will come totally localized to Spanish; Which means that the voices of the characters will be folded in our language. The game of the game in Steam yields more light on its dubbing, and mentions that it will be located in the entire Languages: Spanish, French, German, Japanese and English. As a nuance, they indicate that the dubbing will be at Spanish of Spain, and there will be no two Spanish-speaking dubbing as it usually happens in some cases, where titles are also located to Latin America. Bethesda had already given tracks of his intentions, where a few months ago they said that the great releases were going to be folded into several languages. This is positive news in many aspects ; Mainly because it is a broad game and this will give work to s

Amazon: New World's premiere we did not know about exploits and duplicate gold

Scot Lane (Game Director all over New World) not only gave us a recent interview. In a conversation with this service, Mr. Lane openly admitted that until the premiere of the new world, he and his team had no idea about the existence of problems with exploits and duplicates (i.e. copying of gold and objects). What do you say players who think that MMO should be delayed again to solve these problems? It's difficult and recently talked about it internally. The point is that we did not know about problems with exploits and duplicate until our premiere, so the delay would probably not help. Only, is it really true? Well, probably not really. Fans are watching Amazon that hello errors (e.g. this God mode, which allowed immortality + Dupe Gold, through which all trade was excluded) was reported from alpha or beta tests. There are evidence in the form of old ones, but removed by AGS themes from the forum. Films, in which streamer, beta-testers show the action of Dupe-Bugs als

This Animal Crossing: New Horizons gamer has actually developed a Gyroid model town on their island

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons' player has found the perfect place to store their Gyro ids by providing their extremely own miniature village. In a video published to the Animal Crossing Subreddit, customer bribri812 gives fellow fans a scenic tour of their Gyro id Village which comprises dolls residences, plaything vehicles, as well as the celebrities of the attraction, the Gyro ids themselves. To make the trip a lot more wonderful, the video was shot using the just recently included Animal Crossing: New Horizons first-person electronic camera, which makes us seem like we're taking a leisurely stroll via the Gyro id neighborhood. One smart information we've found in the video is that this player has actually enhanced the village with tool young trees to help with the point of view of the little town. According to the comments of the Reddit blog post, the player managed to maintain the trees at their small size by planting them and also then two days later on putting

Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger Is Free On Heavy Steam For A Restricted Time

Original text too short. The 2013 western game, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, is offered at no charge on Steam for a minimal time. You can download it completely free from now until December 12. Gunslinger is the 4th installation in the Call of Juarez series established by Tech land, the exact same workshop behind Dying Light. Establish in a wild, criminal age, you play as a man that enters lots of shootouts. For GameS pot, doubter Mark Walton offered the game an 8/10 rating in his Call of Juarez: Gunslinger testimonial. He commended the shooting technicians and also specified, [It's] so tight, and all so controlled, that the shorter goals as well as absence of exploration are conveniently forgotten in the search of the ideal combination as well as the splendor of a leaderboard-topping high rating. Call of Juarez: Gunslinger PC System Demands Minimum:. OS: Windows XP (SP3)/ Windows Panorama (SP2)/ Windows 7 (SP1)/ Windows 8. Processor: 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or 2 GHz AMD Athl

Halo Infinite: So you put the language in English

If you immerse yourself at 19:00 clock in the Halo Infinite campaign and would like to use a different language as German, you can change this in the settings. Hallo Infinite will be available in the following languages: English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Italian, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (simplified), Polish, Russian, Dutch and Portuguese (Brazil). The following audio language packages are also available: English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Italian, Korean, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified) and Portuguese (Brazil). To change the language, goes to your Xbox console as follows: Start Halo Infinite Press the A button on the controller to enter the main menu. Press the menu button to enter the Control Panel. Press the Y button for managing game. Selects the desired, currently uninstalled language and sets a check mark with A. Switches to the right to turn right with the left stick to the button and p

What is Golem's weakness in Bright diamond Pokémon and Pokémon gleaming pearl?

Most modern Pokémon games will allow you to know what a Pokémon is weak after knowing it at least once. Games will allow you to know which of your movements are effective, super effective or not very effective, but before that first encounter, it is easy to overlook some types of coincidences. If you try to remember What is Golem's weakness in Bright Diamond Pokémon and Pokémon Pearl Grazing? We have all the information here. GOLEM weakness in bright diamond and bright pearl Golem is a rock-type Pokémon / Earth, which means it has several weaknesses. Combat, soil, steel and ice movements will cause twice as much damage, while grass and water will cause the quad damage. This means that grass and water types should be your preferred options when you face a golem. Even with all these weaknesses, it is important to keep in mind that Golem also has a series of resistors and immunity. Golem is immune to electricity and receives half of normal, flying, fire and rock damage. In additio

2. Bundesliga: Loyalty Schalke

FC Schalke 04 responded to the new Corona Protection Ordinance of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and presented its new viewer concept. Above all, the faithful fans must be deeper in the pocket for the time being. At the last second division home game of the year, S04 may receive a maximum of 15,000 spectators and has therefore deactivated the season tickets for the upcoming ticket sales. The problem: already paid season tickets will not be refunded, because the organizational effort would not be able to cope with the financial costs, the club announced. Instead, the faithful fans have to pay virtually twice. Nevertheless, the Schalke want to meet their fans. For season ticket owners who want to come to Nuremberg in the stadium and now make a ticket inquiry, a separate pot will be reserved for card distribution. And of course, the scarce does not want to let your fans be sitting on twice the cost. At the end of the season 2021/22 you want to go collected on the season ticket o

BVB-Star Mats Hummels reacts self-critically on Dortmund

Mats Hummels analyzed self-critically his own performance at the BVB defeat against Bayern. With one of the three Dortmund's gate, however, he had any compliance with himself. A very unfortunate defeat for us and an extremely used day for me. Only the thick mistake before the 1: 1 and then very unhappy the Elder causes 2: 3, Hummel's wrote the day after the 2: 3 defeat against Bayern at Instagram. The 32-year-old gone through Robert Lewandowski (9th) to Thomas Müller before the first Dortmund er (9th) and had the follow-up against the national player during the subsequent running duel. His hand game in the box finally led to the much discussed penalty, the Lewandowski (78.) turned to the final score. Before the interim 2: 1 by Kingsley Coman (44), Raphael Guerrero shot off in a failed Liberation Hummel's, whereby the ball bounced on the scorer. Hummel's replied, on the other hand, to take over a complicity for this goal. No idea how to do it at 1: 2 what would l

Formula 1 pilot Hamilton: I'm so relaxed like never

The listing of RTL II programs has a (previously insufficient) list of all shipments and also collection that are relayed at RTL II. Hamilton is based on its own assessment so relaxed like never in the World Cup duel with stages. This Formula 1 duel is different in the sense, because we have two monsters closely related teams, said the Mercedes pilot on Thursday with a view of Red Bull and stages. We fight for unknown terrain because no other team could win eight constructors or driver titles one after the other. That's pretty fresh and new. Mercedes can create the eighth double in the course this season. On the other hand, I'm so relaxed as never because I'm here for so long, said the 36-year-old Hamilton before the penultimate Grand Prix of the season in Saudi Arabia on Sunday (18.30 pm / RTL and Sky). Trapped has eight points ahead of him and could become world champion this weekend. I'm thankful to have these two races to fight, Hamilton said in front of the la

For Honor: Year 5 Season 4 Frozen Shores startet am 9. Dezember

football PES 2020 (football Pro Evolution Football 2020) is a football simulation video clip game established by PES Productions and released by INAMI for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android and iPhone. The game is the 19th installation in the football Pro Advancement Soccer collection as well as was launched worldwide on 10 September 2019 and in Japan on 12 September 2019. This year's edition includes a name change with the addition of 'football' within the title, symbolizing a press in the on the internet video gaming area with a focus one Football Pro tournaments. Lionel Messi returned as the cover celebrity of the typical edition, which was the initial considering that his last look on the cover of Pro Development Football 2011, together with PES ambassadors Serge Gnabry, Miracle Panic and also Scott McTominay, each standing for among the game's partner clubs. Ronaldinho was included on the cover of the legend edition. PES 2020 is the last game in th

Save $200 on a 3060 Ti video gaming computer and obtain a totally free key-board and computer mouse

It's difficult obtaining a Cyber Monday GPU deal right now — Simply read our overview on where to buy RTX 3060 and also RTX 3060 Ti graphics cards to see why. So simply avoid a few steps and also get this Tracer Gaming Desktop with an Intel i7, 16 GB Memory, a 480 GB SSD as well as 1 TB HDD as well as, most notably, an NVIDIA RTX 3060Ti 8 GB for $1,399.99, saving you $200 on the original $1,599.99 asking rate. Along with a sought after NVIDIA RTX 3060Ti you'll obtain Windows 10, an RGB key-board, a computer mouse, as well as customizable situation lighting. Not to discuss a year's guarantee to cover any kind of negative points that might occur. It's a strong, relatively halfway decent future-proofed setup (consisting of DDR4 RAM) that need to have every little thing you need, bar a display, to game gladly for a couple of years to come. As well as, if we're honest, the NVIDIA RTX 3060Ti won't be the very first thing you need to replace as time marches necess

A long time and devoted Dying Light 2 Stay Human has gone gold two months before your release

Tech land has received DYING LIGHT 2 STAY HUMAN IN ready and towards the amplification machines. The Followers of the DYING LIGHTING Followers appeared in 2015 has been worked with a decency of several delays. Now, however, ready to be manufactured, even though there is still a couple of months for the final release. Main Designer According to Tyson Smetana, development work continues to continue with updates and other content — without forgetting the community feedback. DYING LIGHT 2 STAY HUMAN PUBLISHED FOR February 4 for PC and Xbox and PlayStation consoles. SWITCH also gets his own cloud version. More about: Dying Light 2 is delayed once again, now far until next year Promoter material reveals — Dying Light 2 more information on Thursday

New patch in Diablo 2 Resurrected fixes over 110 bugs: Is the agony finally over?

On December 2, DIABLO 2 Resurrected received a new update for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. The patch 2.3 came down with a short server and has fixed a pile of problems and brought improvements. One thing is particularly pleased by the players: Snakes that now cause poison damage That's the location: Diablo 2 received a long-privileged update with patch 2.3 Some of the most discussed changes are bug fixes in grave vipers and a Nerf for the sorceress Generally, the patch comes well — players are now waiting for the ladder appears. What's in the patch? In the official patch Notes are well over 110 bug fixes and further improvements to find. The update was awaited hot because Diablo 2 had to fight with problems after releasing. It was published in the evening from Thursday, December 2nd. Part of the community was believed that Diablo 2 is not ready for upcoming content in this state. With the big update 2.3, however, many problems are fixed. One thing is especially highl

Biathlon: Sprint of the men in Östersund today in the live ticker

The men today entertain a sprint as part of the Biathlon World Cup in Austria. The entire race Ticket Spot for you. Subscribe now DAZN and watch the men's sprint in Öresund in the Eurosport Player! For the second World Cup of the Biathlon season, the athletes stay right in Öresund and deny the second sprint within five days in the Swedish city. Does it create a German on the podium this time? The item is updated continuously. Click here for the refresh of the page. Biathlon: Sprint of men in Öresund today in the live ticker — before starting Before starting: At the beginning of the Biathlon World Cup, the ballets and biathlete are twice in Öresund in use. The first of the two World Cups, which replaces the competitions in Kontiolahti, is already over. With today's sprint, the second weekend is opened in Sweden. The Sprint last Sunday, Sebastian Samuelson decided for himself. Philipp Na wrath was with six best German. Before starting: The ten-kilometer race starts at 16.30

From the scandal referee to the drug smug: the crash of the Byron Moreno

With a frightening appearance at the World Cup, Byron Moreno made negative headlines. It should not be the last inglorious incident for him. If football fans still remember the name of a referee after years, who has sparked in a certain game, then that usually does not mean anything good — for the impartial. With a single appearance, Byron Moreno became a celebrity in Italy, but not as the referees normally wish. The name of the man from Ecuador is for many Tights for almost two decades after a duel that remembered for a long time, still a red cloth. For Moreno, it was the start of a crash he could not stop. Moreno was divided at the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea for the secondary final, in which Italy and Koreans faced. On the same day, the other co-host Japan had had to say goodbye to the tournament after a defeat against Turkey. I told my co-coach 'that's a bad sign. Look at what happens right, Italy's coach Giovanni Trapani remembered. The worst referee

December Update PS5 released, Revealed patch notes

football is a football simulation computer game created and released by INAMI. It is a free-to-play game after being entirely rebranded from the original Pro Development Football (understood as Winning Eleven in Japan) series to the football collection. The game's very first season, entitled football 2022, was launched on 30 September 2021. At launch, football was panned by doubters for its graphics, controls, and lack of web content. Sony has launched a new update of PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, for PS5 users, the update does not come with new features or important improvements, however, it is likely that there is more than it seems. If you have not turned on your PS5 this morning, you will receive an update the next time you start it. If you have started it, and it asks what the update does, it has come to the right place. According to the official update patch notes, the PS5 System Update 21.02-04.50.00, as is officially referred to as improves system performance. How exac

PS5 firmware update is there - 914 MB Pure Performance

PS5's owners are allowed to look forward to a new firmware update for their Next-Gen console. But a look at the patches reveals a single set, the PlayStation fans have already known for many years — and that ensures a winking nostalgia in the community. But first the basics. How big is the download? The update 21.02-04.50.00 is economical 914 MB large and should be downloaded quickly. Where can you download the update? The update is either directly on your console or manually on the PlayStation Support page. What is the new PS5 update? patch notes Who expects extensive changes or new features, will be disappointed here. Instead, the change log comes with a traditional sentence therefore most of you already know each other: This update improves system performance Fans gained old memes from the moth box This calls reminders of the good old PS4 time awake, in which such performance updates with a single sentence over the years became a popular Yemen in the community. Under

Steam: These were the bestsellers in October 2021

Although the December has already started, it stops Steam not to publish a top seller list in October. It is the top 20 of those games that have best sold in October 2021. What is this best-seller list? For the calculation of the Top 20 is not the pure number of specimens sold. Instead, the total turnover achieved is crucial in the course of October. In the list, you will therefore find those games that have taken most of the money in the mentioned period. Among them are little surprisingly about the strategy pie L Age of Empires 4, the zombie shooter back 4 Blood and the Action Adventure Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. However, there are also some smaller games in the top 20, with which you may not have expected. Incidentally, the bestseller list is not listed in a specific order. If a game is at the top, it does not necessarily mean that it has achieved more sales than the rest. Rather, it is a random order. Here is the overview: TOP SELLER at STEAM from October 2021 (ca