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Open World Survival DYSMANTLE that lives the end with destruction and creation [Play Repo]

This time we will deliver the play report of the open world action RPG game DISMANTLE, officially released by Developer 10tons on November 16, 2021.

This work has been announced in 2019, since the top-down view released through early access. The console version is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022, and the mobile version is scheduled to be released. It also supports multiplayer sharing offline screens.

What is Dismantle

Awesome New Open World Crafting Survival Game Where You Can Break Everything - DYSMANTLE This work is an open world action RPG in the top-down view that Developer 10tons is good at. In the post-apocalypse world where society collapsed, the player will be the protagonist who escaped from the shelter after a long time, and a violent creature aims to escape from the coming island.

In recent trends randomly generated world, we will search for handmade open worlds and find the mystery and escape means of the island. 99% of the objects that exist can be destroyed, collect materials to survive and enhance equipment with weapons, tools and equipment.

The world is seamlessly connected and the cold area and tropical areas have to address different biomes. In addition, we need to wear clothes that suit each boom, as the temperature is exhausted.

In addition, although there are also elements of cooking, there is no hungry concept, so it is a light survival game that does not worry about starving.

Close to the contents of Dismantle !

When a society began to collapse, the hero escaped by a shelter who stored food and supplies as if predicting it. The game starts out of the scene where the shelter goes out of the shelter due to the fact that the supplies are bottomed up for several years. When I went out of a shelter, there is a fresh view of morning ray. The player's operation is moved on a keyboard, and physical attack, throwing and viewpoint change can be changed in the mouse. It also supports the game pad.

Use the bar you have from the beginning, and you will be able to destroy it if you do not upgrade to a weapon that can be destroyed by breaking the ball to destroy drum cans, desks and chairs, and other than chairs.

Although almost all objects can be destroyed in this work, each object can not destroy if it is a weapon that is given a valid weapon type and a single blow. There is a weapon that combines strike type or both such as Ball, strike type such as bar gar, etc., for example, tires are not given even damage in the strike type weapon, so the slash type You will need.

In the early stages, we will destroy a relatively easy-to-break object such as a wooden box or a chair and get the material. Since the collected material has a shared box for the base campfire, it is automatically recovered when you take a break.

Campfire takes a fire and activates it as a revival point. As Seoul Series, the point of screws will be revived, and their strength and consumables will be restored automatically, but the enemies that have been defeated at the same time also revive. Objects broken do not revive.

If you destroy the surrounding things and upgrade the bar, you can break the shelves who blocked the door. When you explore the ruined house and go out street, encounter the first enemy EX-Human Scrapper. Because it does not react to the player's footsteps, we will attack from behind by Tame attack.

In the case of a tame attack compared to normal attacks, the attacked enemy is a moment and the counterattack is delayed, so you can easily defeat it if you combine the hit and away. However, because AKO enemies are also attacked some extent, it is necessary to cut off 3 to 4 if it is defeated by 3 to 4.

While defeating the scrapper, get a material from furniture and trash in the residential box and upgrade the backpack and bar. The backpack can be upgraded to increase the amount of material carrying. If you have a certain amount of experience, you can create a new item and create a new item.

Also, one of the skills that are randomly displayed at the level of level up can be selected. The amount of luggage can be increased, and all actions have a variety of experience points or more.

Basically, there is no improvement in the level of level up, and new inventions are unlocked according to the level, so it is an item that destroys the object firmly and raises the material if you do not collect materials I can not make a struggle.

The attack power is abnormally high, and it appears.

Make cooking and stator-up!

In this work, you can improve the status by making cooking and eating. However, because the status and passive skills go up for the first time, it is limited to eat the same cuisine twice, so it is only to recover your physical strength.

In addition to finding food, food can be found in the field, raising vegetables and can be fishing. However, since fishing will be fishing automatically, there is no mini-game element such as pulling a bowl according to the timing.

Unfortunately, dishes are not created as you like, and you need to follow the recipe. Moreover, the material can not easily collect materials, so you can not make food too often. In addition to cooking, it takes a long sleep time, and you can get a temporary buff effect that strength increases.

There is no factor that he dies with hungry, so it is a good place for this work that you can enjoy it without feeling like a casual survival game.

The island to explore is quite large, and looking at the map, the area is divided, but it is a seamlessly connected open world. There are also cold areas and tropical areas, and it is also necessary to craft specific items because the power is consumed due to the temperature. Although there are not many enemies, enemies according to their respective biomes also appear.

In addition, each area has an antenna called link tower, and if released, the map of the area is available. You can also use certain items to response fast Travel and enemies. The island is not only an enemy, but also a puzzle in a mysterious underground ruins and many elements are packed.

It is DISMANTLE that has been introduced here, but the early stages and defense were low, so they were weak and weak, and they were killed and killed. Destroying objects and collecting materials and creating weapons and armor and repeating upgrades, it is easy to deal with enemies and make growth easier to realize growth.

Since the story is focused on collection of material, it is recommended for a player who likes the pattern that you can easily break and collect materials. In addition to the elements introduced, there is no way to escape the islands, such as elucidating architectural elements and the mystery of the island...... Although there is a rough part with each element, how is it when enjoying casual survival?

Title: Dismantle Compatible model: PC (steam / Play model in articles: PC (steam) Release Date: November 16, 2021 Author play time for article writing: 4.5 hours Price: ¥2,050


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