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New World will receive a weapon called a vacuum glove as well as a shared auction for all cities

NEW WORLD is a greatly multiplayer online video clip game (World) created as well as edited by Amazon Game Studios, released on September 28, 2021, on Microsoft Windows. The game functions on a Buy-to-Play model, which means that the game does not need a monthly membership to play but a purchase at one time. Several shut beta were opened up from July 2020 for gamers who pre-ordered the game or for players being signed up as testers on the official internet site of New World.

I was afraid that New World did not reveal any roadmaps and a badger fortune-telling, and here Amazon surprises with villages about planned new products to his World. Of course, some errors still occur, the number of players has dropped significantly, and the content is a bit lacking, but do not expect this title. This species has already proved that the production given is evaluated not after it starts, but how it ends. Therefore, I would not be surprised if we were still about New World (positive or negatively: P).

What Amazon plans for his game? First, test servers, or rather a land of open tests. The land of open tests (PTR) is a limited availability server whose creators will use to give players an earlier insight into future functions in the game. Every person having a new world will find steam in his library of the stream of open tests (PTR). PTR servers will be opened on November 10 at 20:00 CET. The number of servers is limited. At the beginning there will be one world in the US region, East, as well as one world in Central Europe.

Now it s time for real sweets that will be available on PTR and over time / will soon appear in New World. A new weapon goes to the first fire, a vacuum glove. Use vacuum forces supporting allies and swallow the enemy ranks using a magical support hybrid / DPS. This is the first weapon affecting both intelligence and focus; It is an excellent complement to life and other magical weapons. Of course, two specializations have.

The annihilation tree focuses on maximizing damage asked during the fight in short and on a vacuum blade formed from a virgin vacuum energy. The decomposition tree can ensure treatment and reinforcement and focuses on a decomposition ball — a two-phase missile that can weaken enemies and treat allies. Vacuum glove along with her arsenal reinforcements and negative effects is ideal when fighting in the group, and you can significantly strengthen allies in the fight against the enemy.

A new type of opponents will also appear in New World. They are the invaders who try to conquer the island. Outside them, Amazon enriches the game for other mobs, like a Romania (which is Tojo?), A beetle, a lost shaman, a pirate alligator, an ancient promo guard or reinforced contaminated workers. Therefore, we will also receive new tasks, and the main thread missions will be improved:

We have improved the tasks of the main thread, adding new variants and new types of tasks, including wave events, objects for destruction and circles. You come across them along with the progress in the game The PVP fractional quest will also be varied, and all factories on the island (auctions) will make a merger — one market will apply in New World. The factor will remain in the same place, but they will not have separate auctions for a given area.

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Taxes on transactions involving purchases are defined by the settlement through which you make a purchase. Items specified in sales offers that will expire, return to this settlement through which they have been published.

What do you think about these new products?


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