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New World: Amazon Games wants to increase your diversity in personalization

Many people feel that the personalization in New World is not up to expectations and is especially a barrier for immersion in the game. Many people like to create characters with atypical and original features, except that New World s personalization space does not allow it and takes out all the realistic and artistic fun surrounding the design of our character. It is true that our character will continue for hundreds of hours, so the aesthetics does matter. New World is not very generous, without having to necessarily look at the creation tools provided in other MMOs such as Ion, Term, Blade and Soul, Final Fantasy XIV, Test or Lyon. To answer these complaints, the artistic team of New World took the floor to provide relief to the community.

Amazon's ⛺NEW WORLD MMO In-Depth Housing System Revealed (Building Footage, Taxes, Benefits)

Why our faces and our attire are so little elegant?

The New World team does not want to have characters with a totally capricious charm, since realism and historical approach are important to them. According to them, what they want is that everything that the players find is exaggerated and dramatic but still credible; that offers a feeling of familiarity, but also of altering.

In the future, developers will add more variety of attire in the cultural and narrative aspect of sternum. Some will be much more rooted in history, while others will be much more supernatural or fantasy. In addition, they want Continue varying the sets that offer a more feminine or masculine look that can be used by all types of bodies. A date of launch has not been announced for these aspects, but we can expect to see them in the near future. However, it will be important to introduce a re-personalization ticket so that the players who already have their characters can surrender to the content of their heart in the aesthetic reorganization of their adventurers.

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