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In Dying Light 2 you have to constantly meet heavy decisions, but that s exactly that tied me

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Middling Light 2 the popular survival hit finally gets a successor. Mango editor Benedict Grotius was allowed to play for 4 hours before the release. And despite the many possibilities, the story pulled him in her spell.

What is Dying Light 2? A virus has destroyed the world and transformed infected into zombies. Only a few people live in the Postaapokalypse and fight for their survival. You are none of them — at least not directly.

In Survival Game Dying Light 2, you yourself play an infected, trying to stop the infection. However, you will give you the unique opportunity to use superhuman skills as unlikely long jumps and high speed.

You also need them because you have to race in the monkey way through the city and escaped the dangerous zombies especially at night. She is pursuing a story in which her various fractions help.

Amazing is that Dying Light has become famous especially for his course deposits. Constantly and everywhere is climbed, cocked or over whole streets full of zombies just jumped away. However, I tied up something else: the story.

In an application event, we were allowed to gamble for 4 hours and watch us the world. It was open to us if we simply explore, climb side tasks, clapping zombies or just follow the story. I did not come much out of the story.

A good story makes boring zombie slasher exciting

In the main mission I ve played, I should help a group survivor. This is one of two factions that are just in a greater dispute. The others are the Peacekeeper, the remains of former military units.

Since I was just in the middle of the story just thrown into history, I missed the background. So I just walked to the corresponding quest marker and talked to the people who should give me more information.

Apparently an officer was killed, and I should enlighten the murder. Good, detective stories are interesting. Quickly, however, a much bigger thing unfolds itself here. Between survivors and Peacekeepers there is a normal war, spies are on the way, there are quarrels about resources and territories...

Normally, I hate zombie games because they include in most cases brainless clapping of huge hordes on undead. Dying Light 2 is different. The story, the entanglements and intrigues have already packed me in the short time.

Who lies me, whoever uses me... and whom do I use? Constantly I suggest new details that throw a completely different light on the characters I got to know. And constantly I have to decide who I trust more. And more importantly, my decisions have consequences. The story itself should comprise between 15 and 20 hours.

Who gets the water, who is allowed to live?

The main quest that I followed, demanded the rescue of a water tower at the end. He was claimed by two renegades and I should now get rid of it. What tell me my client before: the water is vital.

Yes, water is vital. But here the Peacekeeper apparently turned the survivors to their water supply and if I do not mind, the whole municipality dies, explains the quite worried lady.

Stupid, because: The Peacekeepers have apparently hired me and promised me to help with my own problem. So after the water tower is cleared, I stand before a severe decision.

Do I give the survivors the water and save countless innocent? Or do I guide the supply to the Peacekeepers? Because the latter bring me a step closer to my sister I m looking for.

As in a real role play of a caliber of Mass Effect, Fallout or Dragon Age, I stand before a decision with consequence. Something I absolutely did not expect in a zombie game. Especially Lies: Not only the own karma is important in the decision...

Hard decisions are more than just story

Depending on which faction I support in the missions, I get different bonuses in the game. I help the survivors, make the course easier by putting useful devices in their areas.

The Peacekeepers, on the other hand, help me fight against zombies by dropping falling or even averaging cars. Depending on how often I support which group support, they offer more and more useful features.

I decided at the end for the survivors. On the one hand, because I had more sympathy for you with my knowledge, on the other, because I really wanted to experience more courses.

By the way: Dying Light 2 can be played in the coop with up to 4 players in the group. However, alone the host decides on what happens. You play in his world. This also means that none of his decisions has an impact on your own campaign.

A thrilling story and abstainer course

The second big plus to Dying Light 2 is the course. Even the first part was known for not necessarily to fight but on escape. A unique concept.

Dying Light 2 brings this aspect back, and it is impossible not to use it. Literally, because I have discovered no speed. If I want my missions, I have to run and the fast as possible.

It s not as easy in Dying Light 2 as easily as in Assassin s Creed that I simply climb almost smooth walls. I use ramps that accidentally stand around and abused cars as a trampoline to come on roofs and flee in front of zombies in the streets.

It goes on top. Bakery wooden bridges connect the gable, rarely there are rope slides for faster locomotion and often only a home landed jump helps. There is no Fail safe. If I miss the first, it goes down and that ends quickly.

A good feeling for the environment is elementary important. Almost as in a shooter, I always have to scan my circle and recognize the place I can safely reach. There is only the way down, it is important to find safe landing zones like mattresses... or garbage bags.

A flight over the city

Dying Light 2, however, leads another way to come quickly through the city that has nothing to do with races.

A marriage unknown to me, played by Rosario Dawson (Sin City, Daredevil), gives me a para glider. This can be crashed and packed at will in the case and with him, I can cross the city in flight.

This is a unique feeling, reminiscent of the old Batman parts. Thanks to winds, I can even pull the flight almost endlessly in the length and reach far away without trims.

However, this feature comes in the game relatively late. We were able to try it in a separate mission. I just did not really have a lot of time to do that, because I shattered too many hours with the thrilling story...

Fortunately, the course can be made otherwise easier otherwise: by levels and skill.

Skills make me better

As in a roleplaying game, Dying Light offers 2 skill points to get new skills. These are divided into three areas:

Courses Struggle Life points and stamina

Life points and stamina can only be increased by certain canisters that can be found in rare boxes. Parlors and fight increases by using them. The more and better I run or fight, the more I unlock.

Very useful skills are possible like lighter land or other jumps. There are even item sets that adapt to your own style of play — like heavy weapons, ranging or supporters.

Only with the fight I did not deal any more than I had to, because that is one of my big criticisms.

Spongy control and boring fighting

Actually, action-packed struggles are one of the unique selling characteristics of Dying Light 2. The game promotes that even the environment can be used as a weapon. This works through so-called course attacks.

This requires contextual functions that make the fight more exciting. I really did not see much of it. An opponent without endurance can be used to roll over it... that s it.

Well possible that I just missed something here. Finally, I rose relatively in the middle of it without tutorial and without getting to know my character before. Most struggles were therefore... dull zombie-matten with steel pipes or scrap beads and machete. It works, but is boring.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human — Meet Lawan

The weapon selection is quite interesting, the struggles themselves are in my opinion, but no strength, at least not after 4 hours game. flee is much more exciting, but also has a hook.

The game is obviously intended for game pads

Since I m a PC gamer, I usually play with mouse and keyboard. That was a problem for me in Dying Light 2. Because many elements are apparently designed to be played with the controller.

Some important features such as healing are standard on keys like U or 0, changing items runs over 1 and 2. This is absolutely continuous to the control, which is usually used to be a PC player, and partially you can easily reach any uncomfortable.

In addition, some commands overlap and only differ in whether to press or hold a key. A feature that is actually of multiple buttons actually come from consoles.

An excessive problem is not, after all, Dying Light 2 can also be played with controller and I will certainly do that to release. It is still a little annoying to roll with the para glider because pressing W controls it towards the ground...

Conclusion after 4 hours: I want more

Dying Light 2 has been committed to me. I even have to say that it could be technically much worse, and I would still play it, because I want to see more of the story and the city.

Fortunately, parlors and fight work very well, even if at least fighting certainly will not become my favorite pastime.

Especially I am looking forward to the co-op mode, and I m curious how it will be to jump to fourth over the roofs or to lot the secret spaces. Because prey with the different sets will also be an important aspect. Let s see if something like classes result.

If the developer team is still a little at the course fight, i.e. contextual actions, I have nothing to complain about the current time. So or so I am looking forward to the release. Not for nothing I have in our list with hot expected survival games:

Dying Light 2 appears after a shift on February 4, 2022, for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch. Originally, the game should appear much earlier, but some problems have ensured that the release had to be postponed.

Until the final appearance you will find here on Mango an overview with the best alternatives:

The best survival games for PlayStation, Xbox and PC


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