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Gonami Ver. 2.3 Goro and Iori Yomi (CV. Nishikawa Big Brother) new implementation! Eleua, Albedo also reprinted

Photo is ★ 5 wilderness (rock and two-hand swords) in the Open World RPG Little God for PC / PS5 / PS4 / smartphone. and ★ 4 Gore (Rock, Bow) was implemented.

The new character Nina Yuri is the first parent of wildlife that is active in Anime Aka of the lightning castle. In addition, this is self-proclaimed, and it was recorded as unemployed in the job question from Tensity. The voice actor in charge is Mr. Tandoori Ashikaga.

One Gore was the General of the Sea Island Force, who has made a fierce battle with the Shogunate army and a fierce battle at that time. The trust from his subordinates is thick and even under severe circumstances, from his war history, which has protected the defense line, is called the Old Onto Ear Opera. The voice actor in charge is Mr. Kannada.

Armani KIA and Gore appeared at the event prayer Opioid Battle held in the second half of Very.2.3.

And in the first half, Albedo is Having a deep thumb, and ERA is reprinted by Wave Folding. The first half event prayer will be simultaneously held and the number of prayer counts and ceilings are shared.

※ Example: Event prayer Inhabiting a deep thumb If you can not get a prayer 50 times, ★ If you can not earn a character, it will be held up to 40 times in the other event prayer Wave folding moment at the same time. Be sure to acquire one ★ 5 character.


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