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Call of Duty Vanguard, Back Pump Ruffle Best Accessories, Loadout and Build

If you want everything to carton with the fighting pump rifle on Call of Duty Vanguard, here is our Loadout and Build of the best accessories. The goal being here to present our best Loadout and explain our choices. Thus, not only will you have an immediate solution to test, but in addition you can adapt it according to your desires, your needs and your style of play.

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Note that these Loadouts are designed by Vanguard players, taking into account pro players, streamers as well as data available on Reddit. However, each player is different and that s why we recommend paying attention to the remarks in this guide.

We will update this build and add content if the game is changing depending on the patches.

The best build for the combat pump rifle

The combat pump rifle is currently the best pump on Call of Duty Vanguard. The build is clearly Bible bug, since it allows One Shoot an opponent if it is touched, whatever the place where you pull, less than 7 meters from you. Note that the idea here is to offer the ideal build that will use the fighting pump rifle forces dominating on code cards.

Bezel: None Mouth: Canon smooth A5 Canon: sawn

Canon accessory: SALE pistol butt Charger: Chargers of 10 caliber cartridges 16

Top 10 BEST WEAPONS in COD VANGUARD (Right Now) Ammunition type: compacted powder Rear handle: fabric handle Lacrosse: CGC 2M Metallic Expertise: Vital Kit: Fast

Weapon level for equipment

Our build requires some high levels, but the weapon is very nice to use at the beginning without level. However, the main highlight of the weapon currently and the combo between the expertise, ammunition, the barrel and the charger, which makes the weapon absolutely incredible to use thanks to its without precision very short range. As long as they are not unlocked, the use of the weapon will be much less interesting.

Under what circumstances use this build?

Nature, the combat pump rifle is a weapon to use on the majority of game cards if you are capable of rush. As a result, being effective at 7 meters, it is the ideal weapon on small cards with narrow corridors like Was Has. Indeed, this weapon is exclusively efficient at short distance. Thus, our build promotes a very aggressive gameplay, Push and Rush, favorable to the maps a little smaller.

What changes are possible?

Attention: As long as the weapon is not patched, do not touch the expertise, ammunition, cannon and charger since all the interest of this Loadout is based on this combo.

For the rest, several modifications can be made according to your desires and your style of play but our LoadOut promotes the ease of grip and efficiency in rush. So, you will not really need to be precise to kill your opponents, as long as you touch 7 meters. Therefore, the few possible modifications concern elements such as the kit, the butt or the front handle, the rest being almost mandatory to make the build.

At the level of the kit everything is possible. Loaded to block is interesting, but you will not need a lot of bullets to kill an enemy since only one should be sufficient short range. Therefore, it is possible to use something else, we prefer quickly.

So much for our guide to the best accessories, build and loadout for the fight pump rifle on Call of Vanguard. You can find all our guides as well as all the news, Leaks and Patches for Cod on our Call of Duty portal.


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