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Agricultural Simulator 22 in the test: a good harvest for fans

The Agricultural Simulator is a simulation game collection of the independent designer Giants' software program from Schlieffen at Zurich. The initial component of the series was the Agricultural Simulator 2008. Additional variations released 2009 (Gold Edition), 2011 (Platinum Edition), 2012 (Mobile), 2013 (Titanium Edition), 2014 (Mobile), 2015 (Gold Version), 2016 (Mobile), 2017 (Platinum Edition), 2018 (Mobile) as well as 2019 (Platinum Version), (Costs Version), and also 2020 (mobile). Giants software introduced that there will certainly be a Period's key in the LS22. The game is one of the most effective Swiss computer game. It turned into one of the very popular video game in Germany as well as Switzerland. Also in France or England, there was some popularity. The Agricultural Simulator 2013 sold even more than 2 million times according to the publisher.

AAAAA so, you know that? You come after a hard day of work to home and want to relax you first. Reduce stress. Come to rest. So what are you doing? You sit in front of the PC and ordered your virtual farm. What seems paradoxical to outsiders at first glance, has evolved over the years into a real Relaxing guarantors — at least for the Community of Agriculture simulator. Work to relax, what could be better?

But can developers Giants software to the success story of the lumbar spine 19 with the latest incarnation build the Farming Simulator 22? Or good for the current series offshoot only lukewarm infusion of an outdated concept? We have 22 looked at the lumbar spine in the test accurately and answer the question of what the simulation more on the ball than a mere promotional parade for John Deere, Gilbert Strauss and New Holland.

LOS 22: Innovations that inspire

First: A look at the list of innovations that the Farming Simulator 22 has over its predecessor to offer, shows that the new farmers Sim consistently developed the series, but the wheel does not reinvent. But they also do not have to. Because we have found in the test after a short time, how well the innovations put into the game, and wondered why the developers of these features have only now realized. The animation of our characters are limited in the vehicles on the essentials. Source: Games There would, for example, the seasons. These qualities are now not only represented visually in the game, but also have on the game from. When in autumn the leaves fall from the trees and covered your fields in winter, the snow, you have for other growing conditions be armed. Because each crop grows only in a certain season and must be harvested, there is a calendar in the game. There you can read about when it is time to sow about your rape or harvest the wheat. The calendar in the menu shows us when we should grow what crops. Source: Games miss her a time window for harvesting, your income is gone and rotted. This provides compared to its predecessor for a more realistic feel and more immersion.

It's just fun, if we consider what we grow when and what possible effects the seasons could have on our income. The depth increases, without overwhelming us — and who would rather relax in front of him agriculture, individual episodes of the seasons or the seasons themselves can also disable (more on that later).

Another big change is the production, in which you can continue to process their reapers. The expanding It's either directly on your farm or you deliver your products themselves to an outside company on the map, which then convert as grain into flour and use flour for baked goods. This is somewhat reminiscent of a transport simulation coupled with production cycles as in the Anna series. However, it is then also there. Really complex goods cycles are not and also the transport of goods is limited to simple trips from A to B.

Even so, the additional ways to make money, raise the game even further. It just feels incredibly satisfying to when we have so far expanded our farm after hard work that we can open their own bakery. For this we need not only wheat, but also the corresponding processing building and various animal products.

We can not make money in the lumbar spine 22 more only through the cultivation of cereals, but also its further processing through production chains. Source: Games But the lumbar spine 22 carries not only new features such as the seasons and the production one, but also improves existing game systems, including among others the helper system. As in the previous we can adjust helpers take over certain tasks on our farm, such as the harvest with the combine that is also in the lumbar spine 22 again. This is especially useful if we have a lot to do and need to do several things at once. Who plays with activated seasons, the AI ​​can use so when the going gets tough again and the harvest will be retracted before the first frost must, however, we want to take care of at the same time nor our animals us.

We are allowed to hire I workers so that they fulfill orders for us. If, for example, we suppose a contract a field, we can instruct a helper to do that for us. So we do not have to get on the combine harvester myself. However, the I still has to fight with a few problems. If there are about obstacles in front of a machine in the way, the I does not clear out of the way, but remains simply on the spot. In addition, they have problems with fields that are not built in the usual rectangle, but have oblique edges. Here it happens that a helper simply leaves individual areas and does not require. This is especially annoying if we want to put the field directly and rework the field directly and then go there with our plow, just to determine that our helper has not done a whole work.

LWS22: Difficulty to measure

But most of the time we want to create a hand in the agricultural simulator anyway — and the developers give us a whole range of different ways: If you start a new campaign in Agricultural Simulator 22, you can choose one of three default levels. Newcomers opt for the New Farmer (simple) mode, while veterans to the variant Farm Manager (medium) or under the premise start at zero (heavy) try to the ultimate challenge. The difficulty levels differ afterwards A lot of money is available at the beginning, as the grain prices fail and how many realistic game elements affect the harvest and yield. That we encounter passers-by on the road from time to time, the game world makes no less sterile. Source: Games If this gross division is not enough, but you have the opportunity to adapt the level of difficulty after your wishes with various sliders. For example, you can set whether frost and low temperatures should affect your harvest in winter or whether the weeds will reduce yield on your fields.

Because the agricultural simulator offers a colorful potpourri at settings, both fans come to a realistic and demanding simulation as well as sophisticated simulation on their expense as well as those players who want to stay more in the style of Harvest Moon and Star dew Valley in a cozy party match on the domestic field.

LWS22: Newcomers need patience

As is the case with most simulators in the market — for example, at the train simulator, the Euro Truck Simulator or Snow runner —, we can let out with a variety of realistic vehicles and features. This sheer extent to simulation content can kill newcomers but quickly. So that's not exactly that did not happen, the developers have built a short tutorial into the campaign, which brings new players closer the foundations of Arleen.

The emphasis is here but on basics. The tutorial explains new entrants the absolute basics of the game. Source: GAMES because more than one explanation of vehicle control and game principle (sowing, harvesting, selling) are not available here. We harvest a field with the combine harvester, plowing another field, bring seeds, make helpers. What the LOS 22 else has to offer, as we buy land, build buildings, build a commercial circuit or what it has with the seasons and the contracts on themselves, we have to find out.

Fortunately, at the request, however, we can display the control options for vehicles in the user interface and pick us up via the menus further tips and assistance. Newcomers need a bit of patience until they find themselves up, and maybe one or the other time after the principle attempt & error proceed, but that does not cloud the game fun — after all, there is a lot to discover.

The character creation is not too extensive, makes fans but with many licensed clothes happy. Source: Games exactly why but veterans will get their costs. Who previous LOS has gambled already extensively 19, can quickly become accustomed and looks forward to a variety of improvements, new features and lots of fan service. This begins with character creation, where we must clothe our character with various licensed clothes by Gilbert Strauss, Husqvarna and Co. The then comforted also over the fact that the character editor offers more rudimentary functions, and comes with only a handful of head shapes and hairstyles. Slider face shape, eye color and more we look in vain, but in a game we already have most of the time from the first-person view, this can get over that.

graphics and technology: between practicality and attention to detail

FIELD PREP TEST - Farming Simulator 22

What we — and probably LOS fans can also get over is the more appropriate graphics of Agriculture simulator 22. For the latest offshoot is the series tradition of faithful and, although no optical total failure, but also all other graphic as a masterpiece. See the environments very sterile as in the predecessor. Even the round moving cars and pedestrians individual can not change anything on the streets. The environments of the LOS 22 see for spoiled gamer eyes often simply still pretty ugly.

This is also reflected in its own character and its animations: Our game character always sits namely in the same posture in the cab of our stretcher or other vehicles. A hand reaches out at arm bent around the steering wheel, the other lies motionless on the thigh. Changed animations when driving or operating the circuit, we look in vain, only handles on the lever to lower the cultivator or similar equipment are animated. Farming Simulator 22: A good harvest for fans- test (2) Source: Games What is striking, however, is positive and is in some contrast to other optics of the game, is the attention to detail with which the developer machines and vehicles in the lumbar spine have designed the 22nd All mobile pedestals in the game view that is absolutely great. Each lamp, each screw and even the faucets meet the more than 400 original licensed vehicles from John Deere, New Holland, Fend and Co. beat That leaves Fishermen and comforts beyond the otherwise over the LOS 19 barely noticeably improved appearance of time. The vehicles in the game are designed with attention to detail. Source: Games In addition, the technique of the game we largely positive impression overall. At moderate system requirements of the lumbar spine 22 runs consistently round and without noticeable problems with sound or graphics on the PC. We could almost not notice any graphical or gaming destructive bugs. Only smaller, but not problematic Clippingfehler occurred. In addition, the driving physics comes obviously from the moon, because especially with lighter vehicles such as pickup we tumble partially are unrealistic the slopes down.

My opinion

Honiara Retold Author [email protected]

Fans get exactly what they want.

First: The LOS 22 is exactly what fans expect from one of the most successful simulation series on the market for video games, namely an all-round improved version of a proven game concept. What already was true for the LOS 19, therefore also applies to his successor: If you could do anything with the Farming Simulator 19, you will not be warm even with the Farming Simulator 22nd Veterans and interested newcomers who have come perhaps by other games on the Sim-hopper, but can look forward to a series part that consistently developed the series. All new features blend in with the game concept and the various Anpassungesmöglichkeiten make the LOS 22 in combination with mod support and already the announced Season Pass is the perfect playground for hobby farmers and all those who relaxes after work simply a round of indulging in the farm life want. What should make every fan but deliberately: The LOS 22 has changed little in terms of graphics compared to its predecessor and some innovations there were already as Mod Nevertheless, we find that Giants Software delivers a solid package that meets expectations -. No more and no less.

Sara Retold Author 11/23/2021 09:28


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