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Unsighted kills everyone who loves her loves

Genre: Open-World Adventure Developer: Studio Pixel Junk Platform: Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Switch, PC Release: 30 . September

Open World games rarely take precisely with the time pressure. Before herbards and collecting skins, it seems often, as if we could still save the world the day after tomorrow - not in unsighted. In this insufficient tip from Brazil, the heroine dies permanently with sacrificing sweats. We introduce him to you.

That s why it s in unsighted

After a war between people and androids is the world of Arcadia broke. Threatening is the above all for the androids, which have since been called from the source of their life energy, Anima. As soon as their reserves expire, they lose consciousness and turn into robotic Undead.

As Androidin Alma we have to travel the open, pixel-style-style world Arcadia and gather five meteorite splinters, hoping to be able to reactivate the source in good time. The way to the splinters and their order does not write us wedighted, but we receive recommendations.

So that you can make a better picture of the game, here the trailer to unsvested:

The completely free exploration only prevent a variety of obstacles. In Zelda and Metroid manner, they demand certain skills that we find in dungeons. Attentive players Inside, however, permanently allows for the cunning of alternative solutions. In a dungeon, for example, we have to burn and fishing torches with our Shuriken thorns and flags by throwing it through flames. It works faster if we buy the fire sword from the blacksmith.

The Iron Crypt Prisoner - Let's Play Inscryption Part 2 [Blind PC Gameplay] That makes unsighted so special

The time pressure is not a mere wallpaper. All residents in Arcadias, including Alma, continuously lose anima. That some of them will die during the approximately ten-hour story seems inevitable. Meteorite dust helps at least short term. He extends the lifetime of androids by 24 in-game hours (24 minutes in real time), but is extremely rare. Should we therefore save other characters or if necessary Alma and with her our score?

The moral, emotional dilemma calls - as well as the combined battle system inspired by Soulsborne. Each action Almas is bound to your stamina and careless procedure quickly leads to the Game Over. Death we lose half of our currency. If we survive the way back, we may collect you again.

Our only security network is a syringe that Alma is completely healing. We can fill them on one of the Bonfire-like terminals - and in combat only through attacks. So we have to balance constantly the best time for healing and whether we want to take the risk of aggressive tactics at low energy.

It all sounds like stress. Nevertheless, unsighted can be relaxing and accessible. The simplest level of difficulty, Explorer, supplies options as an invulnerability, slowed or infinite endurance. In addition, we can craft cogs that increase almas harm, give your short-term ancivitability or revive you once and pull with other players in the coop by Arcadia.

For whom is unsighted interesting?

Thanks to its accessibility and difficulty options, unsighted is suitable for anyone who likes to explore and listen to stories, and also for those looking for Metroid Dread or in preparation for Elden Ring new challenges. Some may disturb the pixel style graphic style. The simple graphics should not distract from the depth of the game.


wernden, but always fair fights ACCESSIBILITY OPTIONS ermany several solutions for obstacles time pressure feature consistently pulled through


quick selection for second weapons would have been nice Story at times a bit flat

Developer assessment

Erik Grains @ snoopykoira

I have said it already over Death Trash and it still applies: Games wrap me around my finger, if I realize that you respect me and trust me. It brillies unsighted. Instead of calling me a solution for every obstacle, it offers me numerous options when I m only creative enough. Challenge struggles without ever frustrating, and thanks to its time feature, it has the courage to be uncomfortable. Especially Xbox owners inside with GamePass subscription have no excuse, not at least playing unsighted.


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