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These are the next Series and International Films of Premiere in Netflix

Anna Sorokin, known as Anna Delvey, born on January 23, 1991 in Domodedovo, is a German naturalized Russian escroquer. Arrival in Germany during adolescence, she is interested in fashion and performs an internship in the Purple French magazine. She begins to call Anna Delvey and pretend to be German. In 2013, she started working on a project to create a contemporary art foundation, Anna Delvey Foundation. In 2016, she moved to New York under his identity as supposedly rich German heiress, Anna Delvey. For its foundation, it decides to rent the Church Missions House, a historic New York building: for this purpose, it is working to get a loan of fifty million dollars from two banks, continuing to be a wealthy heiress to obtain various favors. The banks concerned discover finally that she has provided false papers to get her loan, while many of her friends and suppliers attack her for flight, grease and scam. In 2019, she is sentenced for scam, great banditry and organized crime.

We are already having important dates marked on the calendar! In today s netflix content presentation we have had access to new projects underway, but what about the international series and films that are on the horizon?

We have also had a state update, although in this case few news. We will offer you what the platform allows us to publish until you start lifting seizures.

International Series

The Witcher Season 2 - Premiere 17 December

Convinced that Yennefer lost his life at the Battle of Sodden, Geralt of Rivia Escorta to Princess Ciraele to Kaer Morhen, the safest place he knows, and where he lived her childhood.

While the kings, elves, humans and demons of the whole continent fight for power outside the walls of the fortress, Geralt must protect the girl from something much more dangerous: the mysterious power that bulle inside her.

Emily in Paris 2 - 22 December

Now that she is more seated in Paris, Emily unfolds better and better in the city, although she is still adapting to French customs. After being wrapped in a love triangle with her neighbor and her first friend of her, she is determined to focus on her work, which every day is more complicated.

In a French class, Emily meets an expatriate that makes him very nervous, but she also awakens her curiosity.

The award-winning Creator and Showrunner Darren Star gets at the helm of the second season of Emily in Paris, the comedy series nominated for the Emmy more view of 2020 in Netflix.

The producer and protagonist, Lily Collins, retakes the role of Emily Cooper and returns with the usual actors of the Philippine Leroy Beaulieu series, Ashley Park, Lucas Bravo, Camille Razat, Samuel Arnold, Bruno Guerry and William Abadie, the recurrent invited star Kate Walsh, and the new members of the Lucien LavisCount, Jeremy O. Harris and Arnaud Binard.

Emily in Paris is a production of MTV Entertainment Studios, Darren Star Productions and Jax Media.

VIKINGS: Valhalla - 2022

The new Saga Vikings Valhalla begins at the beginning of the 11th century, and narrates the legendary adventures of some of the most famous Vikings in history: Leif Erikson, Freydís Eiríksdottir, Harald Hardrada and the Norman King Guillermo the Conqueror.

These men and women leave their imprint as they struggle to survive in a world in constant evolution.

Who is Anna? - 2022.

A journalist with a lot to demonstrate investigates Anna Delvey s case, the legendary German heiress and Instagram star that stole her heart to New York s social elite... and also her money. But is Anna Delvey the largest scammer of the city or just the new face of the American dream?

Between Anna and the journalist, a peculiar relationship of love / hatred is emerging while Anna awaits her judgment and the reporter will then answer the great question that floats about New York: Who is Anna Delvey? The series is inspired by the New York Magazine article How Anna Delvey Tricked New York s Party People, Jessica Pressler s work.

Produced by Shonda Rhimes and starring Julia Garner (Ozark). Based on real events.


BRIDGERTON is a romantic, scandalous and acute series about the timelessness of lasting friendships, families trying to adapt and the search for a love that you conquer everything. The series, inspired by the Bestsellers by Julia Quinn.

It has the protagonists to Golda Rosheuvel, Jonathan Bailey, Luke Newton, Claudia Jessie, Nicola Coughlan, Ruby Barker, Sabrina Bartlett, Ruth Gemmell, Adjoa Ando, ​​Polly Walker, Ben Miller, Bessie Carter and Harriet Cains. Also, Julie Andrews puts a voice to Lady Whistledown in the original version.

Stranger Things 4 - 2022

Emily in Paris Season 2 | Date Announcement Teaser | Netflix At present STRANGER THINGS, created by the Duffer brothers and produced by Monkey Massacre Productions and 21 LPS Entertainment, is developing its fourth season.

The Duffer brothers exercise executive producers from the series together with Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen (21 LPS Entertainment) and Iain Paterson.

Red Alert - Premiere in Cinemas 5 Nov Cines / Netflix 12 Nov

The distribution of this new action movie is headed by a cast of the Size of Dwayne Johnson (Black Adam, Jungle Cruise, Jumanji: Next Level), Gal Gadot (death in the Nile, Zack Snyder Justice League, Cleopatra ) and Ryan Reynolds (the other bodyguard 2, Deadpool 3, Free Guy).

The official synopsis of the film of Netflix Reza the following: A red warning issued by INTERPOL is a world alert to search and capture the most sought after in the world. However, when a risky robbery brings together the main profiler. of the FBI (Johnson) and two rival criminals (Gadot and Reynolds), it is not known what will happen.

The Power of the Dog - Premiere in Nov 19 cinemas / Netflix 1 December

The wealthy brothers Phil (Benedict Cumberbatch) and George Burbank (Jesse plemons) are the two faces of the same coin. Phil is elegant, great and cruel, while George is impassive, fussy and friendly. Together they are co-owners of a huge ranch in Montana.

It is a place where the rapid modernization of the twentieth century is maintained and in which the figure of Bronco Henry, the largest cowbow that Phil has ever known, is venerated. When George gets married in secret with a widow of the town, Rose (Kirsten Dunst), Phil, surprised and furious, carries out a sadistic and relentless war to destroy it completely using the son-like Son of Him, Peter, as a pawn.

was the hand of God premiere cinemas 3 Dec - Netflix 15 December

The Screenwriter and director Paolo Sorrentino presents the history of a boy, Fabietto Schisa (Filippo Scotti), in the turbulent Naples of the eighties. In It was the hand of God, there is a place for cheerful surprises, as the arrival of the legendary football player Diego Maradona, and for an equal tragedy of unforeseen.

Fate interprets the role of him, joy and misery are intertwined and Fabietto s future throws off. Sorrentino returns to the city that she saw him born to tell the most personal story of him: a story about destiny and family, sports and cinema, love and loss.

Do not look up Premiere Cines 10 Dec / Netflix 24 December

Two mediocre astronomers discover that in a few months a meteorite will destroy the planet Earth. From that moment, they must make a huge media tour to warn humanity from the danger that is coming.

The new original film of the platform No Looks Top has a luxury cast led by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence. Written and directed by Adam McKay (Bad Blood, the Vice of Power, the Great Bet), also has Rob Morgan, Jonah Hill, Timothée Chalamet, Tyler Perry, Ron Perlman, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Chris Evans and Ariana Grande, among many others.

The Adam Project (first semester 2022)

In The Adam Project, Ryan Reynolds interprets a man who must travel in time to help the 13-year-old self (Walker Scobell). The couple must locate the father of him (Mark Ruffalo), who has all the answers on how to fix the future and help the character of Reynolds to complete the mission of him.

Currently, the couple is rolling this twisted film of action on time travel in Vancouver. The images shared by both actors during the weekend suppose the first look at the character of Ruffalo. They still need to see images of their co-protagonists, Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldaña or Catherine Keener.

And here our review for the international projects that will arrive in the coming months to Netflix, we will remain attentive to add new information.


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