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Nexon, Total prize money 300 million scales Project MOD Competition participants recruitment

[Data provided: Nexon]

\ - until November 2] Recruitment of first creator

\ - A variety of on-boarding courses , which helps content within the competition period,

\ - Activities Performance Activities 1 million won and 5 sectors Prize payments

\ - Documents exemption, special guts package, etc. Various additional benefits gift

Nexon began its new platform s new platform Content Production Competition Creators Invitational 2021 (CI 2021) (CI 2021).

Jobs and Occupations Game - Guess the Job | Games for Kids CI 2021 is a competition to create and launch the content of the only content that can create an easy content. Anyone who is interested in creating content is 19 years old or more. Anyone can apply for participation.

From today (19th), it is available through the CI 2021 application homepage from November 2, and announces participants who debut on November 12 to the first creator of . Participants will create content from November 17 to February 9, and the final awards ceremony will be held on February 25.

In order to assist in making it easier, the project MOD> developer directly proceeds to the on-board developer, such as the orientation of participants in the competitor period, and providing the content authoring guide. In addition, we run a variety of communication windows, such as Live Qa broadcasting, which solves the questions in real time through the CI 2021 X Discode channel,

Nexon pays 1 million won to participants who attended the orientation, participation of the survey, and the introduction of the contents, etc. Additional prize money will be added.

In addition, the winners provide a duplicate exemption benefit when supporting the Nexon Development Room Investment, and the CI 2021 participant presents an abundant additional compensation such as event prizes, special guts packages, and participation certificates.

Meanwhile, is a platform that anyone can freely create and share content. It provides intuitive production capabilities to make content easily, and it is possible to make more sophisticated production when programming is used.

For more information on CI 2021 and , can be found in official site .


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