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Is new world on Xbox? - Can you play the new MMO from Amazon on the console?

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New World has been a huge success since its introduction in September, reached more than 800,000 simultaneous players and had to expand his servers to meet all. Some of those who want to explore the world of Aeternum on the console, however, would like to know if the new world is on the Xbox?

The MMORPG offers a complete PVE experience, a PVP mode and dozens of weapons that the players can take so they can record it with the enemies of the game. In addition to the combat side of the game you can buy a house to treat yourself to a much needed rest and spend your time to explore the many fields and caves in Aeternum.

It is a fabulous and popular MMO, but you can enjoy New World on Xbox? Continue reading to learn more about a possible release from New World Xbox, from which the players hope that they will bring the world of Aerneum to their Microsoft consoles.

New World - Everything You Need To Know

Is New World on Xbox?

New world is not on Xbox and There are no signs that it will come to the console in the future.

Amazon has announced only plans for the PC version of the game, which is now available. We could see ahead in the future in the direction of an Xbox publication on New World if the game is successful on the PC, but the chances are good that this will take at least one or two years while the PC version is refined.

The game would also require many changes so that the menu and systems work on a controller, especially when it comes to navigation systems like the factions.

There you have everything we currently know about a New World Xbox publication. Hopefully this has your questions about is New World on Xbox? Answered. Take a look at some of the best Xbox Series X games on the system.


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