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Analysis Razer Kraken V3 Hyperse, or how to make the sound more immersive thanks to an improved haptic response

A few days ago we tell you that Razer has just launched Razer Kraken V3 headset family, composed of three different models, but they shared design and some of their main features.

Do not confuse with the KRAKEN V3 X that we analyze at the beginning of the year, but a new design that also integrates new functions and ideas, unifying the different ranges of headphones from the manufacturer.

On this occasion we bring you the Analysis of Razer Kraken V3 HyperSense, the intermediate model of the new range, which in terms of features / price, more offers for less...

As we told you a few days ago, it is a model in which the ideas and technologies of three different branches converge. On the one hand, there is the sound of the Razer Blackshark V2 Pro, acclaimed by your 50 mm triforce drivers, which leave a very well balanced sound, either for games, music...

It is a system that separates acute, half and severe frequencies, leaving a spectacular sound, which does not distort or maximum volume, with serious voices, voices... is a delight. They are the ones that mount Razer Kraken V3 Hypersense, perhaps enhancing a pellet plus the bass.

In terms of sound it is a spectacular headset, and it is also compatible with Thx Spatial Audio for those who look for quality enveloping sound (although only in PC). Of course, we have to talk about Hypersense... but that we leave it for the end, since it is what differentiates this headset.

KRAKEN V3 Hyperse is not left there. The design flees from what is seen in the Blackshark and its characteristic aspect of helicopter pilot helmet, to offer something different.

We are talking about a clear heir from previous Razer Kraken: is a large, voluminous, striking headset with details such as RGB light configurable via Chroma, thus the characteristic Grid of each headset.

It is the aggressive design of always, but updated in a very elegant and sober way, omitting on this occasion other colors other than the black in its chassis and headband. It is a nice headphone. And very comfortable.

thick pads are protected by a hybrid solution: the exterior is synthetic leather, while the inside, the part that touches with our face, is tissue, which helps it not be so overwhelming, or Heat in a long game session. The truth is that it works.

THE NEW Razer Kraken V3 Headsets , DETAILED REVIEW!

It is an approach that is repeated in the diadem, whose generous padding is covered by tissue, while the upper part is coated with synthetic skin.

Razer blackshark v2 pro, the same quality sound and without cables, even cheaper

It does not have a hinges, but neither does it need them: it is a very comfortable headset, which isolates well from the outer noise in a passive way and that it is not heavy, still counting with metal headband and metal axes so that both headphones oscile for Find the optimal point in our temples.

Like most razer products, it is a headset done and designed to last a long time. You can retorcer diadem without fear that it falls.

Finally, as regards design, the handset has the buttons divided between the two headphones. On the left is the volume control wheel, and micro mute, as well as the port for the removable micro.

In the right we only find the HyperSense button, which is really the star of the Feast of Sensations that proposes this KRAKEN V3 headset on its HyperSense model (it also offers the Pro version Wireless).

Hyperse is not a new technology: Razer already used it in the Nari... but here we are talking about a second generation, which offers much richer and impressive haptic sensations.

To put it badly and soon, HyperSense is a haptic response to sound, a vibration that is activated by sounding certain frequencies. But unlike the previous generation, Razer Kraken V3 Hypersense has a broader frequency range (20-200Hz) and therefore, a range of wider and varied vibrations.

What does this mean? Well, unlike the previous helmets with this technology, the vibration leaves more nuances, more intensity levels and, in general, is quite more detailed.

It is given for example in the explosions close to Fortnite, in the roars of the Motors of F1 2021 and its degree of intensity as we are closer or further away from the rival cars or the shots of the opponents in Cod Warzone, for mentioning some examples.

The same is applicable to movies, YouTube (the Spiderman Trailer No Way Home) or music, for example electronics, with the bases, low or battery blows, which make the headphones buzz as if you were inside a disco or in a concert.

Unlike the previous models of this technology, the processing of the audio to achieve the effect is carried out in the headset itself, without the need for dedicated software and a PC, with an invaluable latency.

That is, you do not need anything else to connect the handset to a USB-A audio compatible device (is the headset connector) to start enjoy this sound with a haptic response in PS5 or PS4, Nintendo Switch...

The dedicated Hypersense button allows to rotate between the three intensity levels it offers (low, medium and high) or completely deactivate the effect with a fourth pulse.

The three levels of intensity are very well differentiated, and the bass offers soft sensations, with the medium and the thing is vibrant and with the most intense thing zumba up with details that go unnoticed at the other levels..

Of course, it should be noted that the intensity of the vibration also linked to the volume : the higher the sound, the more force the vibration is.

Does the immersion change the games? Well, you want me to tell you: it s very subjective. But it has happened to us a bit as with the dualsense: The haptic answer helps to get more into the game, because it is also quite achieved, it is not a buzz and already, but it has many nuances.

As we say, it depends on variables such as volume, so that vibration is more or less intense, and it will depend on your tastes: we have played at the middle and high levels almost all the time, and it is a feeling that exceeded the first minutes, It comes to hook up.

It is no less true that depending on the person, and the intensity with which it tests it, and for a quick simil, it can be like the first time you put a VR and the dizziness viewer that provoke certain people: there will be people Which bothers the strongest vibration to top volume or that even the average is uncomfortable for a while.

It has not been our case, and it seems a very interesting effect and that adds one more layer to the immersion, although perhaps to listen to music, for example, end up tiring (or not... because it will seem that you are in a concert feeling the vibrations ).

The micro, on the other hand, is the usual Hyperclear Card of the manufacturer, although aesthetically it has been redesigned (it is something smaller) already seen in other Razer models and leaves a decent sound. It fulfills its task.

For us, the only organs of this model are filed in the wiring, which can be somewhat short depending on your setting (something that solves the Kraken V3 Pro, from which we hope to be able to speak to you soon) and does not include extender cable.

The second but is that, at maximum intensity of the Hypersense effect and the volume top, until the most comedy normal voices, not even bass or snacks, can generate a haptic response...

But nothing that is not solved down the volume. Undoubtedly, a launch that at least attempts to explore new audio roads applied to Gaming, and which has a glorious year for Razer, in which they have launched sound solutions of all kinds, from the Razer Hammerhead TWS2 to the Kaira Pro.


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